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Ilkley Harriers is a friendly running club based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.
We welcome runners of all abilities and running interests and the club provides training and group runs as well as social events for members.
Ilkley Harriers compete in a whole range of running events and our Club League encourages friendly competition between members.
The Club organises races too.
Runners 8-16 are catered for by our thriving junior section.
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Latest News and Results ...

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London Marathon, Sun 13 April

Check the Harriers' results with times every 5k (just enter "ilkley" in the Club box, click on the runner's name for their 5k splits and finish times).

(1    2h04:29 Wilson Kipsang, Kenya)
784   2h53:56 Nicky Green 4th LV40
1069  2h57:33 Derek Oliver
1663  3h03:42 Andrew Merrick
2254  3h09:36 Sally Malir
3899  3h23:01 Steve Coy
10141 3h54:29 Helen Horton
10399 3h55:26 Nigel Rapper
11190 3h58:00 Val Kerr
16581 4h20:23 Sharon Meadows
16572 4h20:23 Paul Sugden
18536 4h28:14 Emily Kerr 
18840 4h29:29 Will Worboys
22863 4h47:18 Rebecca Moores
30576 5h32:39 Mike Picken
35761 finished

New Beginners Program

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Wants to start running?

Ilkley Harriers is organising a friendly 6-week course for beginners, starting Tuesday 6th May.

Read all about it on the dedicated website page for the Zero to 5k Challenge.

Club members: if you know someone who might like to take part, let them know - there's a PDF poster you can print or email on the page.

parkruns, Sat 12 April

Petra Bijsterveld reports ...Some good results for the juniors this week with Euan Brennan coming 3rd at Harrogate parkrun. Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:12 Andrew Bedford, Saltaire Striders)
123 25:26 Sarah Haines
400 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1 18:02 Lewis Bramley, U/A)
3  18:27 Euan Brennan (junior)
232 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1 17:34 Nick Treitl, Barlick Fell Runners)
5  20:06 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
8  20:44 Cameron Reilly (junior)
10 21:05 Jonathan Schneider 
14 21:40 David Schneider
44 27:36 Fiona Schneider
46 27:47 Alex Millar
71 33:03 Amy Foy (junior)
88 ran

Wensleydale Wander, Sat 12 April

Jez Hellewell reports ... Me & Toni Melechi had a crack at this on Saturday, starting in Leyburn. Toni got a stitch jogging 200 yards to the start which didn't bode well. 22.4 miles & 1600 feet of climbing. It's the first time Toni has been over 20 miles in a few years & he looked very comfortable trotting home in 3:57 as we crossed the line together. Our actual moving time was 3.:8 for which I blame Toni as he waited at the BBQ checkpoint for a hot dog & onions !?!? Not the best route unfortunately as it was, mainly, all very low level on tracks & paths. With only one noticeable climb which, frustratingly, only went halfway up Pen Hill. Unfortunately the results/times were jumbled together for the 22 & the 12, with no way of deducing who was running what according to the organisers, so no placings.

The Woldsman, Sat 12 April

From Amanda Parnaby... 50 mile LDWA event from Driffield Showground. Windy but mainly dry until some rain arrived around 6 pm. The second 25 miles have more climbs and descents than the first 25 miles which was bad news for one lady I met around the 20 mile stage because her friend had told her the second half was flatter than the first half. A very well organised and enjoyable day with some lovely food provided en route. I arrived back in 13 hours 51 mins.

Yorkshire Warrior Challenge, Sat 12 April

From Lyn Towers ... Superbly organised 10 mile challenge around lands owned by Home Farm, Rudding Lane, Harrogate. This doesn't include the mileage around the numerous challenges en route. Tremendous support and help from not only the marshals but also the competitors. The toughness of the course is evident by the number of Army teams - who were so helpful to me when I ran out of rope on a steep slippery ascent. "Hold my hand,' ordered a [handsome] army man. "I'm OK" was greeted with, "That's an order." So I did, and was jerked up to the top. "Use the rope to descend." Then my hero disappeared.
Everyone was so lovely. Thanks to Beth [SpringerXCollie] my training partner for speedwork and long runs, Pilates for core strength, and Emma's kettlebell class for upper body strength. Brilliant challenge. Time as yet not known - about 2h45 by my calculation. Intend to do it next year for my 70th birthday.

Bunny 2, Tue 8 April

From the results ... "Tom Adams fresh from finishing fourth at the English championship race at Pendle four days earlier returned to his favourite hunting ground and promptly won the Egg Stage for the 11th time in 3:27 and kept the pace too hot to allow Jack Simpson and Max Wharton any chance of victory. Tom went on to record his 6th Bunny win ahead of another impressive field of 290 on the dry cool evening, although underfoot it was tacky in parts. 'After being pipped to the post by James Hall on the final hill at Bunny One, I came up with a new game plan for Bunny Two, I said to myself, now don't go off too fast, think about the bigger picture rather than going flat out for the Egg stage. But when it came to the night, the plan went out of the window and as soon as Dave bellowed 'GO', I was running flat out after the Egg Stage win. With no James Hall running this week, I was able to take the win with Max Wharton hot on my heels, so I decided to let him pass and tuck in behind to preserve a bit of energy for the Long Lap. It wasn't long before I nipped back in front and went for it. I felt surprisingly strong after racing at Pendle Hill at the weekend and had enough left in the tank to power up the final climb and into the finish. With all the up and coming talent shining through at the Bunnies, it's hard to know how much longer I'll be able to keep up!' said Tom with his arms full of chocolate goodies." Full results and photos on

1   15.17 Tom Adams
19  17:51 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
21  17:58 Euan Brennan
25  18:14 Mark Mon-Williams
45  19:22 Lucy Haines
48  19:40 Jemima Elgood
61  20:15 Richard Joel
70  20:36 Lucy Williamson
76  20:49 Malcolm Pickering
77  20:54 James Pickering
80  20:58 Tilly Melechi
95  21:31 Cameron Reilly
101 21:45 David Schneider
110 22:03 Jonathan Schneider
111 22:05 Rebecca Mon Williams
145 23:32 Joanne Williamson
166 24:14 Andrew Jackson
181 24:40 Adela Reperecki
201 25:39 Ella Shouler Harris
212 26:25 Nea Weston
220 26:36 Peter Lewis
247 28:14 Sophie Brown
249 28:27 Anna Pickering
254 28:53 Sally Pickering
267 30:18 Fiona Schneider
270 30:45 Sally Wright
285 finished

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, March

Petra Bijsterveld Club Night announcements Other nominations were:
Jann Smith - Trollers Trot
Jane McCarthy - Wilmslow half
Tony Melechi - Trollers Trot
Nicky Green - Wilmslow half and Hull 20
Will Buckton Ilkley Moor, Black Combe and Haworth Hobble

More Harriers of the Month ...

Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 6 April

Petra Bijsterveld reports ... Lovely running weather though rather muddy underfoot today for this ever popular multi-terrain half marathon. I had the good fortune to obtain Jane Bryant's entry (thanks Jane, and hope you will be off the bench soon) but found it tough going as I had not planned to do a HM until May so had not done the mileage. Got round though and there were some better times from other Harriers.
Ilkley Harriers won the female team prize (Kate Archer, Adela Reperecki & Jean Sullivan).
(Provisional) results ...

(1  1:23:39 Tom Hooper, U/A)
23  1:37:48 Jamie Hutchinson
55  1:45:07 Kate Archer 2nd F35
137 1:59:28 Adela Reperecki
169 2:05:40 John Coates
210 2:11:32 Jean Sullivan
236 2:16:21 Sue Bickerdicke
298 2:27:31 Petra Bijsterveld
342 2:42:10 Linda Wilson
369 finished

Blubberhouses 25, Sun 6 April

From Ben Sheppard... As the name almost suggests, Blubberhouses 25 is a 24 mile LDWA circular walk/run taking in the Washburn valley, Blubberhouses Moor, Bolton Abbey, Beamsley Beacon, Round Hill, Denton Moor and Timble. With three reservoirs, pretty riverside trails, rough moorland, lovely views of lower Wharfedale and the relaxed, sociable feel of LDWA events it was a tough but rewarding run. I came in twenty minutes after the winning time of 3:13. Will Buckton for once took his foot off the gas after a heavy week's training and racing. Amanda Parnaby also took part.

Whinlatter Xtreme Duathlon, Sun 6 April

From Dave Wilby ... I finally got back racing on Sunday, and was welcomed to the start line with my favourite weather of rain, wind & low cloud. The Whinlatter Xtreme Duathlon was new for this year and consisted of a 9km fell run up Grizedale Pike, although we were turned back just before the last push to the summit due to the wind, a 25km mountain bike taking in some of the Blue trails and all of the Red trails at Whinlatter, and a 9km fell run up and over the summits of Lords Seat & Barf to finish back at the visitor centre. Great event, well-marked, marshalled & organised. I had a surprise lead of approx. 1min after the first run, managed to limit my losses against the specialist mountain bikers and came into transition 2nd 90secs down, and then held it together on the final run to re-claim the lead and finish first by approx 1min 30secs from Chris Hope of Keswick Bikes. Pleasingly I just dipped under the 3hr barrier as well in 2:59:05. My first ever Duathlon and possibly not my last, great fun/weather/course/support, and a nice change to doing the same old races every year. Highly recommended.

Manchester Marathon, Sun 6 April

Dan Wilkinson reports ... This was my first road marathon, I have entered a number before but always been injured by race day, needless to say I was pretty happy to have made the start line this time. At the start we were greeted by a fairly strong southerly breeze, heavy rain was also forecast. The first 10 miles were generally into the wind and I worried that I was expending too much energy in the first half, which I finished in 1:29:11. Despite that I picked up the pace at the 13.1 mile mark and kept going happily at around 6:45 min miles until I hit the wall at 22 miles. Although the cooling rains never materialised, fortunately I had fuelled well and there was no way I was going to let the chance of a sub 3 slip away, so I ran through the cramp and made it through the line in 2:57:59. In 161 overall, Andi Jones Stockport Harriers won on 2:17:00

Steve Weston adds ... As a change from London I thought I would have a go at the Greater Manchester Marathon, billed as the flatest Marathon in Europe. Apart from a south westerley wind conditions were pretty good if a little on the warm side for (14 C). The race was started by Ron Hill who ran the first the 7 miles of the race. The race has clearly grown as I was expecting about 5,000 runners but there were apparently 10,000.
The race starts with a few loops round Salford to cover the first four miles then goes onto Sale and then Altrincham before returning to Manchester to finish outside Old Trafford. The race was well organised with water stops every 2 miles. These were stocked with Iconiq water pouches which are filled with pretty tasteless tap water but at least they are easy to use on the run (and they burst satisfyingly when you step on them) and my one comment is that I would have prefered markers every mile instead of every 2 miles! The course was fairly supported with plenty of crowds out in the communities, although there was a rural section at 20 miles where you were pretty much on your own. The wind was only troubling in a few sections as the course makes several changes of direction, but there were several energy sapping road bridges to climb so it didn't feel that it was as flat as London. Congratulations to Dan Wilkinson for running a great sub three and Simon Jenkins who ran sub 4 in his first marathon. Same old story for me I'm afraid as the 3mile pacer disappeared into the foreground about mile 20.

161  2:57:59 Dan Wilkinson
728  3:20:55 Steve Weston
1330 3:34:25 Tom Worboys
2061 3:48:08 Simon Jenkins
5084 4:51:41 Sally Lynch
Janet Smith

Lochaber Marathon, Sun 6 April

From Neil and Alison Bloor ... official results have not come out yet however despite atrocious weather conditions (heavy rain all the way and a freshening wind) we have both got new PBs at Lochaber Marathon on Sunday. Only around 350 runners took part on a flat course with the winner coming in around 2.40.

Wrap Up and Run 10K Harewood House, Sun 6 April

From Kevin Lawson ... The rain managed to stay away, allowing us all to enjoy the hilly and muddy 10K route!
Results ...

(1  36:46 Robin Outtersides)
251 52:04 Kevin Lawson
271 52:20 Christine Cox
469 56:51 Peter Lewis
852 63:27 Catriona Hawthorn
1504 finished

Skipton sprint triathlon, Sun 6 April

From Sarah Edwards ... Kate Wilkinson and I completed our first sprint triathlon this weekend in Skipton. The event was a 400m swim, 20k cycle and a 5k run. Results ...

(1  1:00:13 Matthew Nelson)
237 1:27:56 Sarah Edwards
377 1:35:35 Kate Wilkinson
618 finishers

Pendle fell race, Sat 5 April

The first event in this year's English Fell Championships

(1  32:55 Tom Addison, Helm Hill)
4   33:36 Tom Adams
95  40:38 Gavin Lamb
140 42:39 Will Buckton
157 43:18 Nick Pearce 2nd V60
181 44:31 Dick Waddington 
256 49:56 Norman Bush 1st V70
340 finished

(1 38:54 Victoria Wilkinson, Bingley)
29 45:30 Jane Mccarthy
32 45:50 Kate Archer
46 47:31 Jann Smith
138 finished

parkruns, Sat 5 April

Petra Bijsterveld reports ... Just a few Harriers to be found at parkruns this Saturday morning. 4th place and a PB for Alex Hirst in Lewisham. Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1   16:53 Jonny McKenna, Clayton-le-Moors Harriers)
129 24:07 John Marshall 
366 ran

St Albans
(1   17:51 Stephen Buckle, St Albans Striders)
53   23:23 Joe Reynier (junior)
201 36:55 Abbie Reynier (junior)
215 ran

Hilly Fields, Lewisham
(1 15:44 Alexander Amos Yee, Chrystal Park Triathletes)
4  20:05 Alex Hirst (PB)

Skipton Aireville Park
(1 17:24 Julian Hood, Skipton AC)
6  20:27 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
16 22:11 Lewis Carr (junior)
49 27:21 Alex Millar
74 35:16 Dylan Carr (junior)
78 ran

Bunny 1, Tue 1 April

In a thrilling race, Tom Adams was just beaten by rising young star James Hall, the two of them were well ahead of a quality field and with James only 8s outside the course record. Tom won the 'Egg Stage' (for the 10th time!), and a talented young team of Lucy Haines, Jemima Elgood, and Tilly Melechi took the ladies team prize. Results and photos on

(1  14:49 James Hall, Wharfedale)
2   15:02 Tom Adams
24  18:03 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
26  18:18 Mark Mon-Williams
43  19:09 Lucy Haines     2nd lady
45  19:27 Jemima Elgood   3rd lady
60  20:14 Tilly Melechi
71  20:45 Lucy Jacques
72  20:45 Malcolm Pickering
73  20:46 Toni Melechi
81  21:06 James Pickering
82  21:22 Ben Joynson
91  21:54 Sam Wood
116 22:44 Edward Bickerdike
151 24:23 Andrew Jackson
174 25:02 Emily Elmes
182 25:30 Alison Ricci
220 28:31 Sophie Brown
222 28:46 Sally Pickering
232 29:48 Sally Wright
237 30:22 Julie Elmes
249 32:38 Anna Pickering
258 finished

Cheshire 10k, Sun 30 March

Nicky Green reports ... Just a quick one to say I did the Cheshire 10k at Arley Hall. Lovely course, beautiful day and a really good race. Results ...

(1  29:40 Mohammad Abu Rezeq, Altrinngham & D)
48  36:22 Nicky Green 1st L40, 2nd lady
1091 finished

Rivock Edge fell race, Sun 30 March

From race organiser Derek Wild (Keighley Scouts) ... a quick note to say:- Despite a clash with the 'Manorlands' 10k race and the large event in Ireland, a number of runners from Ilkley Harriers came and enjoyed a good fell race. Weather conditions were very good with a small amount of hill top mist. The sub 50 minute record time has yet to be achieved but was nearly achieved with a good time of 50m 54s by Jack Ross from Staffordshire Moorlands AC. Minor problems with a small number of marker / direction signs being removed did not dampen what all the runner said was a good race. Thanks to the runners. Results ...

(1  50:54 Jack Ross, Staffs Moorlands)
12  60:57 Alistair Barlow
15  61:32 Toni Melechi
42 finished
Woodentops photos

Keighley BigK 10k, Sun 30 March

Justin reports ... a HUGE turnout of twelve hundred runners took to the streets of Keighley raising 50k for the Manorlands Hospice in Oxenhope in the process. This event offers something for everyone with a fun friendly atmosphere for those new to running and an intriguing twisting course around the parks of Keighley that put a smile on the face of every finisher.
Pictures on, and provisional results.

(1  34:27 Will Smith, KCAC)
12  39:02 Justin Phillips
318 54:20 Will Worboys
tbc 54:31 David Green
347 54:10 Ashleigh Phillips  (PB by 1m30s)
1194 finished

YVAA GP 2, Honley, Sun 2 March

Eric Morley reports ... the two of us completed a 6 mile hilly route which was beset by many stiles but a good long downhill finish. Results ...

(1  39:04 Dave Watson, Homfirth Harriers)
109 65:32 Eric Morley
122 finished
(1  46:04 Mags Beever, Stainland)
34  65:49 Sue Morley
51 finished

Coniston 14, Sat 29 March

From Val Kerr ... A good contingent of Harriers travelled over to the Lakes for this well organised, undulating race, which follows the road around the shores of Consiton Water. Yet again the weather was favourable, cool at the start but lovely sunshine by the end. Coniston Old Man looked very picturesque in the background with the sun shining on the snow on the summit. Christine Cox had a good race, putting on a spurt of speed at the end to finish 2nd LV55.

(1  1:17:14 Ian Harding, Morpeth)            
46  1:33:18 Jonathan Sinclair                      
185 1:46:27 Ewan Welsh                               
449 1:59:39 Christine Cox (2nd LV55)
463 2:00:24 Val Kerr                                       
517 2:03:21 Dave Ibbotson                            
537 2:04:35 Emily Kerr                                   
657 2:11:22 Tim Ratcliffe                               
(1043 finished)

Heptonstall fell race, Sat 29 March

Will in Woodentops photos

Will Buckton reports ... results from this popular BL 24km/1000m race ...

(1  1h54:10 Adam Osborne, Leeds City AC,
            new record)
14  2h14:16 Will Buckton
51  2h27:23 Jamie Hutchinson
140 2h59:08 Brian Melia
145 3h01:09 Adela Reperecki
206 finished

parkruns, Sat 29 March

Petra Bijsterveld reports ... A win for Tom Adams at Oxford Parkrun this week. Other Harriers ran at Lewisham, Skipton, Bradford and Harrogate. Harriers results ...

1 15:38 Tom Adams
129 ran

Hilly Fields, Lewisham
(1 15:49 Benjamin Noad, Highgate Harriers)
11 21:09 Alex Hirst
113 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  19:16 William Garrick, U/A)
6   20:52 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
14 22:03 Lewis Carr (junior)
61 30:42 Dylan Carr (junior)
66 31:15 Amy Foy (junior)
79 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:57 Oliver Daffern, Bradford Grammar School)
132 26:59 Samuel Craske (junior)
344 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:00 Andrew Whittingham, Altrincham and District AC)
135 26:26 Petra Bijsterveld
243 ran

Wilmslow Half Marathon, Sun 23 March

Jane McCarthy reports... A big, competitive field enjoyed near perfect conditions on a fast, scenic course at Wilmslow Half Marathon today. Saw the red and green vest of Nicky Green on the start line but not again(!) as she produced another brilliant performance (and another PB?) in 1:20:01 - 4th lady and 1st LV40. Well done Nicky. I was looking for a first sub-90min and latched on to a group who kept a solid pace throughout. Finished in 1:27:12, 3rd LV40. Haven't seen any other Harriers on the results, but definitely nothing slow about this course - can recommend.

Dalton Dash, Sun 23 March

Tom Adams won the inaugural Dash, a 'challenging' 10k in the Yorkshire Wolds organised by Humber Triathletes, in 32:11 Photos, Results

Thirsk 10, Sun 23 March

Hilda Coulsey reports ... It was a breezy day but luckily we all got in before the heavy hail shower. Sally Malir was 2nd F45, Nick Pearce 2nd M60 and Hilda Coulsey 2nd F60 with Sally and Hilda breaking their own IH Club Records from 2013 (1h07:43 at Snake Lane 24/2/2013, 1h26:51 at Otley 12/6/2013). Results...

(1    50:43 Andrew Wiles, New Marske)
42    59:49 Dan Wilkinson
71  1:01:13 Steve Weston
112 1:04:46 Derek Oliver
132 1:05:49 Nick Pearce	
142 1:06:27 Sally Malir
238 1:10:31 Ken Souyave
401 1:19:09 Julie Watson
476 1:23:01 Hilda Coulsey
801 finished

PECO XC awards

Hilda Coulsey reports ... I attended the end of season presentations. Henry Heavysides was awarded 3rd M55 and Hilda Coulsey 1st F60. Congratulations to all who contributed to the Harriers coming 8th in the Men's Premier Division, 4th in the Ladies First Division, 9th in Men's Vets Premier and 6th Ladies Vets Premier. Lots of excellent Junior performances too.

Hardmoors 55, Sat 22 March

From Brian Melia ... If you like some stunning scenery and Ultra distance trail running check out the Hardmoors races organised by Jonathan Steele and Shirley Colquhoun. I completed the Hardmoors 55 on Saturday, run from Guisborough to Helmsley:
Race Start Guisborough Rugby Club
Roseberry Topping (OS 578 126) W (7 miles)
Bloworth Crossing Self-Clip (615 014) (18 miles)
Lord Stones (before climb up to Carlton Bank) (25 miles)
Osmotherley Village Hall (OS 456 971) (32 miles) CUT OFF - 1800HRS (9hrs)
White Horse (Sutton Bank) (OS 518 812) (45 miles) CUT OFF - 2200HRS (13hrs)
It has some spectacular views and is mostly runnable. I managed it in just over 10.5 hrs. It is a very well run race., check it out.

parkruns, Sat 22 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... on this sunny Saturday morning I took myself to Fountains Abbey parkrun which started just a few weeks ago on the National Trust site. Well worth the drive up, as this 2 lap run, all on tarmac paths, is a real winner when it comes to location and scenery. The run takes place before the site opens to the public and it felt like a privilege to be there.
Other Harriers could be spotted at Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and Skipton parkruns. Results ...

Skipton Aireville Park
(1 18:00 Chris Barnes, Blackburn Harriers)
6  20:57 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
10 21:42 Cameron Reilly (junior)
65 28:40 Alex Millar
68 29:02 Fiona Schneider
92 ran

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:15 Peter Brookes, Holmfirth Harriers)
11  18:43 Stephen Coy
347 32:34 Will Worboys
406 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:06 Sam Kipling, U/A)
22  20:30 Lucy Haines  3rd female (junior)
207 27:42 Sarah Haines
466 42:26 Abbie Reynier (junior)
491 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1 18:14 Andrew Gardner, U/A)
78 23:30 Philip Hirst
295 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:59 Toby Osman, Ripon Runners (junior))
90  27:07 Petra Bijsterveld
195 ran

Junior sessions 3rd-20th March

For parents of juniors doing sessions with Shirley (Sportshall Athletics at IGS or High Jump at Ghyll Royd), there are no sessions for 3 weeks, info on the junior site. Sessions led by other coaches will continue as normal.

Harriers League Update, 20 March

From Martin Wright ... both Dick and Helen Waddington have played their wildcards for Skipton Parkrun and jump into the top ten for the league. League page

Trimpell 20, Sun 16 March

Neil Bloor reports ... fantastic very flat 20 miler - good Marathon prep. Well supported race, good marshals, a bit of everything wind, rain drizzle - what more could you ask for and a few fellow Harriers for support !! Some Excellent results here.

Val Kerr adds ... A number of Harriers headed west for this long, flat race, run mainly on cycle paths round Lancaster and the Lune Valley. On a damp, chilly and grey day the course is not particularly scenic, but is good training for those planning a spring marathon. Andrew Merrick and Derek Oliver both had cracking runs to finish in the top 50 - well done to Andrew Merrick 1st MV50.

(1  1:53:16 Ian McBride, Royton Road Runners)        
46  2:16:31 Andrew Merrick 
48  2:17:02 Derek Oliver
230 2:48:31 Neil Bloor   
266 2:53:56 Nigel Tapper 
267 2:53:59 Helen Horton 
313 2:59:16 Val Kerr     
461 3:42:02 Martin Wright 
462 3:41:31 Alison Bloor 
496 finished

Bradford 10k, Sun 16 March

Dick Waddington reports ... A few Harriers took part it this fairly flat 10k, which runs out along Canal Road and back. It was very wind, but otherwise nice and bright. Luckily it was mainly a crosswind and it was easier on the way back, which helped, because I went out too fast trying to keep with a group to slipstream behind the big lads. I got back in 38:02 - pleased with that for my first 10k, but it's not as much fun as fellrunning; there's no mud and rocks.

Woodentops photos

Some photos on

Results ...

(1   31:42 Tesfaye Debele)
46   38:02 Dick Waddington
60   38:38 Mark Iley
96   40:31 Adrian Bastow
97   40:33 Rachel Carter 8th lady
124  41:56 Beth Massey  4th LV40
183  43:30 Michael Duffield 
394  47:41 Christine Cox
454  48:12 Chris Cunningham
480  49:08 John Marshall
548  49:57 David Green
1026 58:35 Fiona Schneider
1166 61:24 Carole Cunningham
1339 67:45 Jeremy Taylor
(1466 finished)

Haworth Hobble/Wuthering Hike, Sat 15 March

From Will Buckton ... A good turnout of Harriers took on this local epic around the Bronte Moors including me and Duncan in our first ultra! The 51km/1340m takes in many of the local reservoirs, towns and hills including Stoodley Pike and Heptonstall. Results on

Ben Sheppard adds ... On what is in a tough course in any conditions - 32 miles and 1500m ascent - the blustery wind made for a challenging run for those of us not so used to the ultra scene. Will "the metronome" Buckton was not to be put off his stride though, once again showing his versatility and finishing is an impressive 5:07 despite having to wait for those behind to show him the way several times! Other Harriers enduring/enjoying the moody views in Bronte country included Eddie Winslow, Duncan Cooper, Brian Melia, Jamie Hutchinson and Amanda Parnaby. A good effort by all.

(1  4h04:31 Kim Collison, Borrowdale)
46  5h07:28 Will Buckton
79  5h31:20 Ben Sheppard
119 5h50:32 Eddie Winslow
140 5h57:58 Duncan Cooper
151 6h02:40 Jamie Hutchinson + Brian Melia
335 8h55:34 Amanda Parnaby
355 finished

Nell Bank Relays, Sat 15 March

70 teams of juniors ran in the finale of the Wharfedale Primary Schools XC League, with the Presentation after. Thanks to all the helpers! Results etc. on the junior pages

East Hull 20, Sun 9 March

Steve Weston reports ... I spurned the dips and climbs of Spen 20 to travel over to Humberside for the East Hull 20. Sort of gently undulating the race runs North from the clubhouse up through quiet lanes and footpaths of Holderness, Todays run was made harder by the ludicrous 18 degree temperature and the westerley breeze. I was chasing a sub 2.10 and paid for it in the later stages. NIcky Green ran an intelligent race to finish 1st lady in 131 minutes...
A very enjoyable, well organised race I can thoroughly recommend it.

(1 1:55:15 Will Beauchamp, Sheffield RC)
28 2:11:49 Nicky Green 1st female 	
44 2:17:54 Steve Weston		
233 3:01:45 Paul Sugden  PB by 5mins 22s	
351 runners

Spen 20, Sun 9 March

(1  1:52:02 Scott Harrington, Otley)
100 2:39:12 Tom Worboys
257 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 9 March

Toni Melechi reports... a new women's course record for Tilly Melechi at Otley Chevin.

1 18.01 Rob Furness
3 20.01 Tilly Melechi (junior)
26 ran

Inter Counties XC, Sat 8 March

Inter Counties, Georgia 2nd from right

From Sally Malir ... it was the Intercounties at Cofton Park in Birmingham on Saturday. The best of each county's athletes are selected from the county races to compete at this obviously high class event. Georgia had been selected to run for Yorkshire after coming 2nd in the Yorkshire Cross Country Championships.
The Yorkshire Junior Women were hoping to come home with a medal after getting a bronze last year, but they knew it was going to be tough with Bobby and Alex Clay both running for Kent.
The race was tough from the beginning with the Clay sisters and a couple of others making a fast start. This left a few girls including Georgia isolated from the beginning of the race having to work hard to run the race on their own. Georgia showed her determination and continued to work very hard just being passed by team mate Katy Wood on the final 'ski slope' descent.
Despite Bobby and Alex Clay coming 1st and 2nd respectively for Kent the Yorkshire Junior Women won team Gold with Katy Wood in 7th, Georgia Malir 8th, Emma Wilkinson 10th and Annabel Mason 25th.
This result also gave Georgia 5th place overall in the British Cross Challenge.

Dent 14, Sat 8 March

Caz Farrow reports ... A few Harriers travelled over to Dentdale for what turned out to be a lovely day. 14.2 mile course, undulating, scenic, plenty of afternoon tea included in race entry. Recommended.
Some pictures and full results on

(1  1:18:01 Ian McBride, Royton RR)
17  1:28:49 Mark Mon-Williams
49  1:35:23 Caz Farrow 3rd lady
122 1:45:58 Rebecca Mon-Williams
296 2:05:18 Dave Ibbotson
438 finished

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round, Sat 8 March

10.4 miles/1936ft Jann Smith reports ... myself and Kate Archer had a go at this one. Apparantly this course was devised to avoid paths to limit erosion, making it tough terrain, tussocks, bogs and ditches galore and the strong headwind on the top made it feel like running on a treadmill for a few miles. Good race and quality field. Some photos on Woodentops. Results ...

(1  1:06:11 Rob Hope, P&B)
79  1:29:13 Kate Archer
82  1:29:13 Jann Smith
208 finished

Parkruns, Sat 8 March

Dick Waddington reports ... from Skipton Aireville Park ... great new all tarmac route so no slippy slidy meant PBs all round:

1  19:28 Dick Waddington
10 21:14 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
26 23.27 Helen Waddington
32 24.20 Josh Waddington (junior)
54 27:19 Petra Bijsterveld
82 32:13 Amy Foy
99 ran

Alison Bennett reports ... I took part in my first Parkrun, in Norfolk, at the weekend. 24:41 - 2nd lady

All Harriers parkrun results

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 8 March

Over 400 primary school children ran in the final race in the Wharfedale Primary Schools XC League, at Ashlands School. Next Saturday the grand finale of the League is the Relays and League Presentations at Nell Bank. Details on the junior pages.

Harriers League Update, 5 March

From Martin Wright ... Peter Lewis has submitted a wild card for the recent Bradford Parkrun and recorded a score of 94.85. This shoots him up to 2nd in the league overall. League page

25th Ilkley Moor fell race, Sun 2 March

231 runners enjoyed the senior race, in its 25th year, with a fine win by Tom Adams. Over 170 juniors ran too, the junior races now in their 12th year. Yet another super Ilkley Harriers event, well done to all the organisers and helpers. Results and photos on the Ilkley Moor fell race page.

Harriers results summary ...

Woodentops photos
1   36:41 Tom Adams 
15  44:27 Gavin Lamb 
19  45:28 Will Buckton 
20  45:32 James Wood-robertson 
26  46:45 Ben Sheppard 
34  47:23 Jim Ryder 
42  48:11 Dick Waddington 
44  48:41 Ian Rowbotham 
48  48:54 Adam Bennett 
55  49:57 Nick Pearce 1st V60
56  50:02 Rob Cunningham 
62  50:21 Jane Mccarthy 3rd Lady
63  50:26 Richard Joel 
66  50:54 Andy Brook-dobson 
69  51:08 Alistair Barlow 
71  51:29 John Hayes 
77  51:59 Kate Archer 5th Lady
80  52:11 Johnathan Whittaker 
84  52:24 Alison Weston 2nd FV40
85  52:36 Malcolm Pickering 
92  53:17 Jack Cummings 
102 54:19 Alison Eagle 1st FV50
103 54:22 Emma Barclay 
136 58:05 Tom Bennett 
142 58:32 Lucy Williamson 
150 59:01 Michael Duffield 
158 61:09 Sarah Edwards 
180 64:28 Alison Bennett 
202 70:04 Amanda Newham 
214 72:47 Sue Morley 
217 73:28 Kate Wilkinson 
221 76:35 Sarah Hayes 
231 finished

Ilkley won both the men's and ladies team prizes.

Peco XC race 5, Northcliffe Park, Sun 2 March

Results ...

(1  30:25 Simon Pass, Saltaire Striders)
38  33:10 Steve Coy
269 47:49 Lynn Donohue 
277 48:11 Hilda Coulsey 
339 52:35 Julie Elmes 
356 54:29 Petra Bijsterveld 
410 finished

Black Combe fell race, Sat 1 March

AM 13km/1000m Will Buckton reports ... Results ...

(1 1h08:50 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
49 1h30:35 Will Buckton
182 finished

Trollers Trot, Sat 1 March

From Jez Hellewell ... heard a couple of excellent results at today's Trollers Trot: Jann Smith 3rd overall in a fantastic 3h27 & Toni Melechi, returning to racing after injury, was 2nd in the half in 1h40.

Run 25
(1 3h19:00 Paul Carman, Wharfedale)
3  3h27:29 Jann Smith
52 4h16:17 Adela Reperecki
84 4h35:33 Neil Bloor
142 6h02:39 John Coates
152 finished

Run 12
(1 1h37:38 Phil McGeever, Horsforth)
2  1h40:25 Toni Melechi
12 2h10:25 Susan Short
13 2h10:26 Ian Conyers
25 finished

Parkruns, Sat 1 March

Skipton Aireville Park
16 23:25 Lewis Carr (junior)
41 31:32 Dylan Carr (junior)

Bradford Lister Park
53  23:39 Joe Reynier (junior)
89  25:19 Peter Lewis
287 39:39 Abbie Reynier (junior)

19 20:54 Oscar Stapleton (junior)

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