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Do it now: Survey of IH member views 2015

Liverpool Half Marathon, Sun 29 March

From Justin Phillips ... I won a place to take part in this event and having a serious race to focus on for the first time in ages has provided some much needed motivation and I've really enjoyed 'training' towards a goal again.
Conditions were cool and soggy but importantly wind free. The flat course wound its way through the city, looped around Sefton Park and then dropped onto the promenade alongside the Mersey at mile 8 leading to a fast 5 mile charge in to the finish at the Albert Dock.
View it on Strava
I'd highly recommend this event to anyone, especially if you need an excuse to spend a weekend sightseeing (and eating/shopping) in Liverpool.
Now onwards to the serious business of my first ever road Marathon in Blackpool on the 26th April..

(1  1:08:48 Paul Martelletti, Run Fast)
151 1:26:06 Justin Phillips
4,986 ran

Blubberhouses moor 25, Sun 29 March

From Ben Sheppard ... this local LDWA event is typically low key, friendly and very good value (7 for 24 miles, food en route and a meal at the finish). It's also a good opportunity to get s few training miles in and test your race fitness if you're training for the 3 Peaks or and other long or challenging races later in the spring. Harriers spotted include Amanda Parnaby and Mike Baldwin; Alison Weston didn't seem to be far behind the first female finisher; Elle Bradley and Sarah Hayes ran together, Sarah taking a stupendous 49 (forty nine!) minutes off last year's time; and John Hayes pushed the pace from the off, perfectly pacing the two of us to 4th and 5th, a few minutes faster than my 2014 time in spite the blustery and boggy going.

YVAA Grand Prix 1 Honley, Sun 29 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Three Harriers found themselves at Honley this morning for the first of the 2015 Yorkshire Veterans' series. On what was on the whole a wet and windy Sunday we managed to run in a dry and still hour. The 6 mile hilly course is multi-terrain and consisted of woodland paths, fields and just a little road, and after the overnight rain there was a lot of lovely squelchy mud. The race was well organized by Holmfirth Harriers with lots of friendly and encouraging marshals.
Alison Eagle ran very well in her first race back after a lengthy lay-off, and Phil Hirst showed true grit by racing well after running the Northern Road Relays yesterday, his club vest still being in the washing machine! I was the last Harrier back but happy with my effort and my time.
Results ...

(1  47:09 Anne Johnson, Stainland)
19  57:07 Alison Eagle
32  64:05 Petra Bijsterveld
55 ran

(1  37:36 Gavin Mulholland, Stainland)
69  54:54 Phil Hirst
118 ran

Edale Skyline, Sun 29 March

From Brian Melia ... Don Morrison's Edale Skyline is a very special, if difficult race. Added to that today was the atrocious weather and bog after bog. The organiser mentioned -12 degrees wind chill?
The route is 21 miles with 1373m of climb ... feels like more to me!! going to:
Ringing Roger
Jagger's Clough
Win Hill Summit
Follow the marshals instructions on new route via Hope Brink
Hope (Edale road)
Lose Hill Summit Mam Tor
Mam Nick road crossing
Stile on Rushup Edge
Brown Knoll
Grindslow Knoll
Ringing Roger
Finish )

Times were slow. I felt sluggish over the first half, but started to come alive after Brown Knoll. There was a couple of incidents I was involved in, one of note. Coming through a very windy, poor visibility section in deep bogs I heard cries of help, eventually I spotted a runner in trouble, the two runners beside me looked up, but seemed to think I should go, they carried on. I went to see what had happened and the runner was stuck in a bog very deep indeed. I was a few feet above him on a rock so I grabbed him under the arms and pulled, but I could not move him, luckily another runner was passing who I called and he immediately came to help, however, we both could not move him and the a third arrived, thankfully we pulled him free and he set off. It probably was no more than a few minutes, but from there on in I was trying to catch up lost places, I think I managed. Thinking about this later I was a little saddened that my fellow runners felt that this situation was under control when it evidentially was not. Fell running is a beautiful sport, but in in some circumstances has to come second when attending an incident however serious or minor. I thought about putting an official complaint in, but I hope that this was just a misunderstanding on these other runners.The ones who did help were commendable. I ran by another runner being attended by two runners ahead of me only a few hundred metres further on the same stretch, I enquired if they needed any help, but they were fine.
In most fell races incidents are few and thankfully far between, but when there is an incident, your race must stop if you need to assist after that then you can resume ... common sense really and something to think about when you are in the fells racing.It may be you or me in difficulty!

I think just two Harriers finished tbc
I was 4hrs 8 mins 15 sec(101st) Richard Joel was 4 hrs 17 mins 1 sec.(119th)
An exciting day in the Peaks as always!!

Jack Wood adds ... A day to forget for me and Will as we both pulled out of a wet and wild Edale Skyline. Will climbed the Ringing Roger with intent but when he got to the top he realised he'd forgotten to have his daily dose of ale, so went back down to find a pub. I made it a little further but a combination of setting off too quickly and putting my jacket on too late meant I was going slow and getting cold after 2.30 hours and decided to call it a day. The journey back was spent reflecting that we should find some shorter races to do in the future...In what was a short race for Brian Melia, he finished strongly with Richard Joel not far behind.

From Richard Joel ... I grunted my way around the Edale Skyline yesterday - the first time I'd done the race however I know the area as I grew up in Derbyshire. The first half of the race was ok but I started to get tired after Lose Hill. My mind was however taken off the tiredness by the worsening weather conditions - hood up and head down.
Like Brian I also helped a fellow runner pull another guy out of the bogs at Brown Knoll - in it to his waist. He was so happy to get out and find he'd still got a fell shoe on each foot!!
I started to get quite cold towards the end and was over the moon to see the decent down Ringing Roger to Edale. I managed to lose my footing at the top of the final field and roll around in the mud for dramatic effect!!
Dark Peak's organisation of this race was excellent and safety rightly at the top of their agenda. I take my hat off to the marshalls out on the course all day - especially the poor guys up on Ringing Roger (the washing machine).
The food at the end in the nice warm Village Hall was excellent, however by this stage I'd have happily chewed on cardboard if it was warm.

Kinsgton Half Marathon, Sun 29 March

Alex Hirst finished 8th in 1:23:49

12 Stage Northern Road Relays - Sefton Park, Liverpool, Sat 28 March

Photo: Pete Shields

From Steve Weston ... Fantastic team performance by all at the Northern Road Relays. A great day in Liverpool in very good running conditions despite monsoon on the way out. The Northern Road Relays are a brilliant, surprisingly low key event that offer fantastic entertainment. There were some stars there Steve Cram, IMFR record holder Emma Clayton, Rachel Bamford. The quality at the top end of the end was incredible with Leeds, Liverpool and Morpeth trading places throughout the race and Leeds ending up on top (But as Chris Reilly said "they all look like students".
(Arthur you'll love this) You can see by the fact that out team position was better than any of our individual leg positions that we had a very balanced team. Our placing does not give justice to the quality we had yesterday Everybody ran their socks off to finish under 4 hours and avoid the mass start, we even lapped some teams twice!
To a man everybody had a great time and all decided that we should make a commitment to next year's race. I see this year's race very much as a stepping stone to further glory. There were good runners who had scheduling conflicts and we have younger runners coming up from the juniors who will be eligible next year.
In 2016 I would like Ilkley Harriers to put in two male teams at least one of which could be competitive for the top 25 places to qualify for the nationals. (as for the ladies they should be putting in at least three teams!)
A huge thanks to everybody who ran, Pete Shields for coaching and support and the Coy family and Christine Reilly for moral support.
Results ...

50  Ilkley Harriers AC  3:58:38 (Out of 66 complete teams)

Mark Mon-Williams (64) 29:29
Mark Iley         (63) 14:55
Robert Cunningham (63) 29:12
Dan Wilkinson     (55) 13:11
Steven Weston     (55) 28:48
Adrian Bastow     (55) 15:33
Stephen Coy       (56) 28:42
Nick Pearce       (56) 15:16
Philip Hirst      (56) 16:57
Ben Joynson       (56) 15:27
Andrew Sheldon    (56) 15:46
Arthur Reilly     (51) 15:22

From Pete Shields ... the day started pretty bleak for all the relay runners who left Ilkley on Saturday heading for Liverpool, the weather blew a Hooley and the rain was torrential but as the team got closer to the venue the sky opened, brightness prevailed and it was warm!
Steve had done a great job getting a team together, there had been no need for a late press gang touring the streets of Ilkley looking for runners, we had twelve very keen and enthusiastic club runners plus four adults and two child supporters raring to go.
Mark Mon-Williams started Ilkley's affairs off and handled the first long leg in his usual dogged style, (having not been to well in recent weeks made his run even more impressive). It's not easy running the first leg on such an athletic stage which can put you through many stages of anxiety before the gun goes off. Mark handled this with ease. The Twelve Stage Relay consists of twelve individual legs divided into four long legs of 4.9 miles and eight short legs of 2.8 miles. The long legs are run alternatively with the short legs until completed. Our long leg runners were Mark, Steve Weston, Rob Cunningham and Steve Coy, all ran consistently well, in fact, as a bit of a running anorak and having the opportunity of watching them at several points on the course I was duly impressed with their form (see the pics on the Facebook IH group page).
The course consisted of two laps for the long leg and one lap for the short leg. The course undulated but was fast and what little climb there was would have felt like Everest for the efforts the team put in.
Mark Iley took over from Mark on the second leg, the first of the short legs. Mark is a very tough competitor and works extremely hard at his running and this was how he attacked this leg: He set the standard for the other seven short leg runners, Daniel Wilkinson, Adrian Bastow, the evervescent Nick Pearce, the fabulous Phil Hirst, the all rounder Ben Joynson, Andy Sheldon and on the glory leg Arthur Reilly, who a lot of you won't know was are ally fast miler in his younger days (that's not to say he is old now!).
The Ilkley Team finished in 50th position with a time of 3.58.38, a great result for a great team, well done.
Those that have not experienced a road relay should really consider giving them a try. Running is pretty much an individual pursuit and the relay experience brings in a whole new aspect to your running. You immediately become part of a group which brings together a great cohesion, you interact at different levels with people you do know but not in such a pressurised but supportive situation. There is also the added aspects of competitiveness be it against other teams, your team members or yourself, putting all this in the mix is or can be quite an addictive experience and one that should be on everyone's tick box.
These relay's although they sound quite important i.e. The Nationals or The Northern Counties they do have their elite aspects to them but are also very much for everyone and make no mistake all those that compete go through the same anxieties, fear and nervousness, it's all part of the relay experience.
On what was a very busy day at Liverpool there were moments where the team had the opportunity to converse, there was much reflection as to why it is difficult to raise teams for events like this, especially as everyone commented at the great feeling they got when having completed in one. Steve put a great deal of effort into getting this one together and is really keen to do it again, give it some thought for next time, support Steve and the club.
Finally, there were more than the twelve runners in the team yesterday, Gaenor and family travelled to all parts of the course cheering the team on, Mrs Reilly was equally as supportive as was myself: jealously egging them on.
Once again well done Mark Mon-Williams, Mark Iley, Rob Cunningham, Dan Wilkinson, Steve Weston, Adrian Bastow, Steve Coy, Nick Pearce, Phil Hirst, Ben Joynson, Andrew Sheldon, Arthur Reilly. You did the club proud.

Boulsworth Bog, Sat 28 March

From Will Buckton ... BM 13.2km/425m Wet and windy conditions on Boulsworth Fell and boggy underfoot so the race lived up to its name. A new improved route on the descent from last time I did the race two years ago. I won an Easter egg spot prize! Results ...

(1   55:32 Stuart Fogg, Wharfedale)
64 1h23:54 Will Buckton
74 finished

Junior English Fell Champs, Sat 28 March

13 junior Ilkley Harriers in the first race of the season at Errwood. Full report on the junior pages soon, in the meanwhile results and photos from the Westons and the Woodentops.

parkruns, Sat 28 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:23 Alex Pagdin, Skyrac AC)
18  19:48 Sally Malir 1st F
350 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:18 Jack Brennan, Harrogate Harriers)
148 26:41 Eric Morley
153 26:59 Petra Bijsterveld
334 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:48 unknown)
3   20:14 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
119 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:19 Reece Dalton, Ripon Runners)
57  23:24 Norman Bush
217 ran

Wilmslow Half Marathon, Sun 22 March

From Helen Waddington ... Three Hariers made the trip to sunny Cheshire this morning. A perfect day for this pretty and undulating but fast course. Rob Cunningham did an amazing time of 1:23:29 and finished well inside in the top 200. I really enjoyed my first road half marathon and was pleased to be under my target of 1:45. Andrew probably slightly under-performing today due to a dodgy calf but still quicker than last year. Results ...

(1 1:04:57 Ben Siwa)
178  1:23:29 Rob Cunningham
1129 1:41:11 Andrew McCarthy
1151 1:41:42 Helen Waddington 
4107 finished

Big thanks to Neil's Saturday morning hard run session crew and Jane's speed sessions - invaluable training!

Thirsk 10, Sun 22 March


(1  48:45 Jonathan Taylor, Morpeth)
143 65:10 Sally Malir 1st F50
251 70:03 Ben Joynson
1058 runners

Rivock Edge fell race Sun 22 March


(1 50:46 Craig Shearer, KCAC)
26 60:41 Duncan Cooper
27 61:31 Michael Lomas
76 80:39 Sue Morley
90 ran
Woodentops photos

Heptonstall fell race, Sun 22 March

From Sarah Edwards ... A beautiful day for Heptonstall fell race; sun was shining and the views magnificent. Set off wearing long sleeve top and running tights...mistake! Had to roll up the tights and switch to just my harriers vest. First time this year...spring is definitely here. Brilliant race, great organisation, tougher than I expected and well worth the trip.


(1  1:47:15 Ben Mounsey, CVFR)
36  2:18:18 Steve Turland
42  2:19:48 Jamie Hutchinson
194 3:13:37 Sarah Edwards
227 finished

Dales Way Relay, Sat 21 March

From Val Kerr ... An eventful but good day out in the South Lakes/Dales for the 2015 Dales Way Relay. Twenty-three club members took part, safely transporting the Bowness pebble back to Ilkley (where it will soon find a home in the river). Weather was good with sunshine all day, but a cold wind. A more detailed report will follow in the next newsletter but briefly:
Start 5.00 am.
Legs 1 and 2 (Bowness to Crook of Lune): Andrew Sheldon and Andrew Merrick bravely took on these difficult two legs in the dark and rather unfortunately found themselves exploring parts of the southern Lake District they were not intended to visit ! After an SOS phone call they were picked up and put back on course to run the last mile of their leg.
Legs 3 and 4 (Crook of Lune to Dent): Jack Wood took on these two legs by himself and set a very fast pace, finishing 10 minutes earlier than my predicted handover time for leg 5.
Leg 5 (Dent to Holme Hill): This was run, again in super fast time, by David C, Dick Waddington and Jane McCarthy who handed over 15 minutes ahead of schedule.
Legs 6 and 7 (Holme Hill to Buckden): Jann Smith and Paul had already run from Buckden to Holme Hill for the start of this leg and were then joined by Paddy Hagan for the run back to Buckden. Despite running about 25 miles, Jann and Paul looked as fresh as daisies at the end and the DWR was 40 minutes ahead of schedule by the end of this leg.
Legs 8, 9 and 10 (Buckden to Burnsall): Here the big groups took over with Petra B, Dave Ibbotson, Lynn Donohue, Keith Wood, Paul Sugden, Stuart Herrington, Jan Carrier, Tim Ratcliff, Alex Lewis and Sarah Hayes running leg 8, Hilda Coulsey joining them for legs 9 and 10, and Dave I, Lynn D, Keith W, Paul S, Stuart H, Jan C, Tim R joined by Sue Williamson completing leg 10. I hope the two people who suffered falls on these legs have no lasting injuries.
Legs 11 and 12 (Burnsall to Bolton Abbey): Unfortunately Andrew Jackson had to run these two legs by himself as I was unable to join him for leg 12 due to the break in of my car (see forum post).
Leg 13 (Bolton Abbey to Ilkley): Andrew had company from Sally Wright for the last leg back into Ilkley and the pair finished just in time to join a small group of us in the TAPS for a celebration drink.
Finish 7:40 pm.

Well done to Val on reviving this super club event (last run in 2012).

Lots more photos on the Facebook group page.

Coniston 14, Sat 21 March

From Caz Farrow ... a few of us went to do Coniston 14, I was 5th female. Great weather, beautiful course, pretty 'undulating'! Results soon.

Hardmoors 55, Sat 21 March

From Brian Melia ... What a fabulous event this is now becoming ... yes,I realise the pull was west with the Dalesway relay, but this is very special running country in the East, mainly on the Cleveland way. Beautifully organised by Jonathan and Shirley Steele. It was full this year. My pal Jamie was going to help me, but home chores ruled the Saturday so I was left to run solo!! The route takes in Roseberry Topping, Cook's Monument, Lord Stones, Osmotherley and a beautiful trot round to The White Horse at Sutton Bank and back to Hemsley. I managed to finish without need to use the head torch which is good for your time, but running a race at night is still very magical, I would recommend this race and others in the series.
I ran really well finishing 1 hour faster than last year in 9 hrs 24 mins (tbc) I was 25th overall out of 350. So I was delighted with the performance as I ran well within my comfort zone for now and I have no injury issues.
The Hardmoors series of events are worth a view Jonathan and Shirley put a lot of thought into these events and they are now definitely worth a look especially if you are looking at running longer than marathon distance.

parkruns, Sat 21 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:08 Adam Simpson, U/A)
110 24:00 John Marshall
366 ran

(1  17:01 Andy Smith, Pudsey and Bramley AC)
35  20:55 Geoff Howard
381 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:16 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
53  23:13 Tom Worboys
461 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:05 Jack Brennan, Harrogate Harriers)
10  19:55 Michael Lomas
277 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:06 Edward Evans, Wharfedale Harriers)
3   19:30 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
90  28:58 Fiona Schneider
148 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:49 Reece Dalton, Ripon Runners)
53  23:53 Norman Bush
186 ran

Ilkley & District Volunteer of the Year Awards

Well done to Shirley Wood, leader of our brilliant junior section, who has won an award for "Community Involvement - encouraging sporting activity".

Keighley 10k, Sun 15 March

From David Green ... Results ...

(1  34:17 Craig Shearer)
130 45:06 Joe Reynier
177 46:37 Will Worboys
245 48:58 Chris Cunningham
251 49:08 David Green
250 49:05 Jan Carrier
307 51:10 Ros Brown
1047 finished

Sweatshop 10, Sun 15 March

From Geoff Howard... Pete Shields and I competed in the Seatshop 10 mile race along the promenade at Bispham in somewhat exposed conditiions. The winner was David Rigby of Preston Harriers in 52m 50s. I was 75th in 70m 37s (which I believe creates a Club Record for V70) and Pete was 143rd in 80m 14s despite claiming that he was going to run at the back - 274 ran. Results

Podium 5k, Sat 14 March

From Steve Newell... There were only 3 Harriers who ventured over to Nelson on Saturday evening for the latest of the Podium 5k series around the cycle track. The flat, tarmac course brings some very fast runners to the A Race, with Chris Livesey from Preston winning in 14:46. Matt Newell won the B race with a PB of 17:04. Mark Iley finished 10th in 18:47 and I finished 12th with a PB of 19:18

Haworth Hobble, Sat 14 March

From Ben Sheppard... billed as 32 miles traversing gritstone moors around Haworth, Todmorden and Hebden Bridge with 4,400 ft of ascent. The route is a scenic, challenging mix of terrains, punctuated with jam donuts and broken biscuits at the food stops (chorizo and dry roasted nuts a welcome variation at the final one with four miles to go). Amanda Parnaby looked to be going great guns; Brian Melia and Jamie Hutchinson ran as a pair thirty minutes faster than last year, coming in around 5 hrs 30; and I shaved quarter of an hour off my 2014 time thanks to the chorizo boost. It was won in an impressive time of 4:08.

Photos on

Results ...

(1  4:09:19 Chris Singletion, Trawden)
43  5:15:11 Ben Sheppard
88  5:36:36 Jamie Hutchinson, Brian Melia
308 9:21:22 Amanda Parnaby
325 completed

parkruns, Sat 14 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Harrogate Stray
(1 17:57 Jack Brennan, Harrogate Harriers)
112 26:03 Eric Morley
317 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:34, unknown)
3   19:13 Oscar Stapleton (junior) PB
52  24:41 Archie Budding (junior)
117 ran

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, February

Duncan Cooper Ilkley Moor fell race organisation Other nominations were:
Steve Weston, - Ilkley Moor fell race organisation
Chris Oxlade - Ilkley Moor fell race organisation
Jane McCarthy - Junior Ilkley Moor fell race organisation
Shirley Wood - Ilkley Moor fell race organisation
Petra Bijsterveld - Twitter and Tuesdays
Jack Cummings - Ilkley Moor FR and training
Jane McCarthy - Rombalds Stride
Dan Wilkinson - Rombalds stride and Ilkley Moor FR
Sarah Edwards - Ilkley Moor FR
Jack Wood - Wadsworth Trog and Peco XC
Sally Malir - Dewsbury and Liversedge
Outi Kamarainen - Rombalds Stride result
Matt Newell Dewsbury 10 and training

More Harriers of the Month ...

Ian Roberts Memorla fell race, Sun 8 March

From Eric Morley ... This race is classified BM having 853 ft of climb over 6.4 miles. On the open windswept moors there results were:

(1  48:30 Clive Fitzpatrick, U/A
12  54:06 Steve Turland
113 78:37 Sue Morley

Harewood House 10k, Sun 8 March

Results ...

(1   34:54 Frank Beresford, Otley)
29   41:10 Rob Cunningham
53   43:02 David Chandler
190  48:04 Kevin Lawson
332  50:32 Harry Sime
333  50:33 Robert Sime
368  51:54 Chris Cunningham
395  52:47 John Marshall
1290 63:13 Catriona Hawthorn
1845 finished

Yorkshire Fell Championships, Sat 7 March

Woodentops photos

Well done to sisters Lucy and Joanne Williamson who won Silver & Bronze medals in the FU23 class at the 38th Yorkshire fell Championships at Flower Scar.
Results ...

(1  44:23 Annie Coneway, Ambleside)
28  54:18 Kate Archer
37  55:52 Jann Smith
65  59:40 Lucy Williamson
116 67:45 Joanne Williamson
148 finished

(1  38:39 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
63  45:27 Dan Wilkinson
212 54:07 Duncan Cooper
325 finished

Trollers Trot, Sat 7 March

From John Hayes ... The scenery on this 25 mile loop starting and finishing near Grassington is lovely, in particular the high sections from Rylstone to Barden Bridge and then up Trollers Gill. I last did the event a few years ago and remember feeling dreadful running back up the valley to the finish. This year the last few miles didn't seem quite so tough but I was still mighty relieved to see the finish! Many thanks to the organisers and marshalls and well done to all Harriers who did it. Hope your post-race legs aren't quite as achy as mine! Results ...

(1  2:57:01 Andrew Grant, Harrogate)
12  3:24:35 Dick Waddington
28  3:39:06 John Hayes
29  3:39:15 Jamie Hutchinson
56  3:55:17 Mike Baldwin
58  3:55:48 Alison Weston
91  4:19:22 Adela Reperecki
121 4:33:04 John Coates
161 4:53:29 Neil Bloor
177 5:11:52 Sharon Meadows
226 finished

12 mile Half Trot
(1 1:25:33 Mick Dobson, Trawden)
7  1:37:59 Adrian Hall
8  1:37:59 Paul Calderbank
55 finished

parkruns, Sat 7 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:10 Tom Norris, Notts AC)
25  18:28 Mark Mon-Williams
672 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:46 Paul Clegg, Bingley Harriers)
427 41:27 Abbie Reynier (junior)
509 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:08 David Driver, Hyde Park Harriers)
125 25:44 Eve Whittaker (junior)
129 25:47 Helene Whittaker
151 26:38 Julie Elmes
339 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:44 James Mountain, U/A)
2   20:34 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
43  23:56 Chris Cunningham
143 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:42 Reece Dalton, Ripon Runners)
37  21:17 Geoffrey Howard
256 ran

Nell Bank Relays, Sat 7 March

74 teams of Primary School youngsters, 200+ runners, had their annual taste of xc relay running, followed by the presentation of the individual awards from this year's Wharfedale Primary Sports XC League. More on the junior pages

PECO XC, Sun 1 March

From Steve Coy ... On a very windy day with changeable weather the final PECO of the year was run for the 1st time at this fantastic location. The course was not flat and the headwind at times made it a tough course but the ground underfoot was well drained meaning it was a great course up and down and around the grounds of Roundhay.
For the men we had Steve Coy, Ben Joynson, Eric Morley and Don Macrae running and in the ladies Nicky Hopwood, Gaenor Coy, Petra Bijsterveld, Julie Elmes, Christine Reilly and Claire Shouler.
Some great results for the juniors in both races too. Prize giving and relays will end the series.
Results c/o Petra ...

(1  25:13 Jonathan Wills, Leeds City AC)
32  28:12 Stephen Coy
135 32:02 Ben Joynson
336 43:37 Eric Morley
345 45:04 Don MacRae
356 ran
(1  29:05 Becky Penty, York Tri Club)
48  36:11 Nicky Hopwood
117 40:43 Gaenor Coy
147 41:55 Petra Bijsterveld
174 43:39 Julie Elmes
231 49:28 Christine Reilly
250 59:25 Claire Shouler
252 ran

Haweswater Half Marathon, Sun 1 March

From Michael Duffield... An undulating route on the single track road from Bampton to the car park at the bottom of the reservoir and back again. Snow flurries every now and again and fantastic views up the valley to High Street. The following wind on the way back gave a welcome push up the hills.

(1 1:12:21 James Buis, Border Harriers)
82 1:32:20 Michael Duffield  PB
503 finished

High Cup Nick, 9m/1500ft, Sat 28 Feb

From Dave Wilby ... Myself & David Chandler travelled up to the Pennine outpost of Dufton on Saturday for this cracking race, taking in the valley of High Cup Ghyll and the spectacular rocky outcrops of High Cup Nick. The outward leg saw a fast road start before the bogs, the tussocks, and then the tussocky bogs took over. After the initial twists and turns, the main valley opened up affording some breathtaking views, and at the end of it we were faced with a very steep and greasy scramble out of the valley. After being sheltered to this point, the fact the stream was moving uphill quicker than we were indicated what awaited us on top. Struggling to move at first as legs adjusted to the change in gradient and the wind did it's best to impede us, the run back was eventually aided by a very fast downhill blast of 2 or 3 miles, before a final leg sapping mile across the intake fields. A great early season outing in the less travelled Northern Pennines, I'll definitely be back to do more around the area. The race was popular with over 200 finishers, and very competitive at the top end including a trimming of the record by Ricky Lightfoot.

(1 1:01:03 Ricky Lightfoot)
20 1:12:53 Dave Wilby
74 1:24:09 David Chandler

Midgley Moor, , Sat 28 Feb

Results ...

(1 39:33 Shaun Godsman, CVFR)
181 1:11:30 Sue Morley
191 finished

Chevin Chiller, Sat 28 Feb

Results ...

(1 27:11 Peter Persico, Abbey Runners)
3  40:14 Michael Lomas
34 finished
(+48 in the short race)

Podium 5k, Sat 28 Feb

Alison Newell reports ... There were 4 Harriers taking part in the Podium 5k race on a windy Saturday night. The races are held on a very fast, flat course around the outdoor cycle track in Nelson. The "A" Race features some top athletes and was won by Chris Livesey of Preston Harriers in a very impressive 14.54. In the B Race, Matt Newell finished 6th in 17.23, with Mark Iley 24th in 18.49, Steve Newell 30th in 19.32 followed in 32nd by an impressive 19.45 from Lucy Williamson. The next race is at 6 pm on Saturday 14th March. Worth a go if you're after a PB for 5km.

parkruns, Sat 28 Feb

Petra Bijsterveld reports... A number of excellent results this week: junior Oscar Stapleton is going from strength to strength and achieved a PB of 19:04 this week at Preston. Geoff Howard and Norman Bush continue to have excellent parkruns every week and both have an age grading greater than 80%! In that sense they are equaling Tom Adams, who had an emphatic win at Bradford, 2 minutes clear of no. 2. Yours truly had only just started her second lap when Tom glided past in what looked like an effortless jog.
Results ...

(1  17:09 Jason Parker, Preston Harriers)
7   19:04 Oscar Stapleton (junior) PB
228 ran

Bradford Lister Park
1   15:53 Tom Adams
157 27:05 Petra Bijsterveld
434 41:29 Abbie Reynier (junior)
469 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:14 Aidan Adams, Leeds City AC)
20  20:38 Michael Lomas
233 28:52 Eve Whittaker (junior)
234 28:52 Helene Whittaker
320 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:22 Scott Bairstow, Keighley and Craven AC)
24  22:37 Geoff Howard
34  23:25 Tom Worboys
144 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:04 Reece Dalton, Ripon Runners)
59  23:27 Norman Bush
252 ran

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 28 Feb

Over 500 youngsters racing at All Saints' school event, results on the junior pages

Ilkley Moor fell race, Sun 22 Feb

A grand turnout for this race, now in its 26th year, with Mercia's Simon Bailey having a storming run to finish 7 seconds ahead of Tom Adams. Ilkley had second team and first ladies' team. Many thanks to all the organisers and helpers. 180+ runners in the junior races too. Results and photos on our fell race page.

Woodentops photos
(1  36:52 Simon Bailey, Mercia FR)
2   36:59 Tom Adams
11  42:58 Dan Wilkinson
12  43:36 Dave Wilby
21  45:22 Ben Sheppard
22  45:26 Gavin Lamb
36  47:02 Jack Cummings
39  47:26 Jim Ryder
43  48:27 Jamie Hutchinson
59  50:47 Adam Bennett
60  50:49 Alistair Barlow
64  51:03 Jonathan Whitaker
66  51:13 Richard Joel
83  53:21 Kate Archer
89  53:52 Ben Joynson
94  54:49 Helene Whitaker
95  54:55 David Chandler
99  55:14 Mike Baldwin
100 55:15 Alison Weston
101 55:19 Jann Smith
102 55:22 David Robson
113 56:15 Paddy Hagan
115 56:21 Sarah Edwards
129 57:45 Lucy Williamson
141 59:18 Andrew Sheldon
148 60:14 Phil Hirst
188 66:50 Peter Lewis
200 68:21 Nicky Hopwood
205 69:47 Anna Barlow
212 71:09 David Green
217 72:00 Sue Morley
235 82:38 Sophie Brown
238 finished

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Pocklington Snake Lane 10, Sun 22 Feb

Rob Cunningham was 120th in 64:47, out of 963 finishers with New Marske's Russ Best best of them all in 51:14

National XC, Sat 21 Feb

Well done to Georgia Malir 11th in her race, the Ilkley laduies team, Steve Coy our sole male senior runner, and the 10 juniors who travelled down to Hampstead Heath! Results ...

Junior women
(1 22:48 rebecca Murray, Bedford & County)
11 24:03 Georgia Malir
130 finished

Senior women
(1 30:07 Lillian Partrifge, Aldershot)
139 36:35 Sally Morley
228 39:14 Sally Malir
681 50:20 Gaenor Coy
786 55:01 Julie Elmes
865 finished
64th team out of 93

parkruns, Sat 21 Feb

Petra Bijsterveld reports... Results ...

(1  15:42 Carwyn Jones, Cardiff AAC)
93  20:46 Michael Lomas
662 ran

(1  16:30 Tom Charlton, Tyne Bridge Harriers)
20  19:40 Adam Bennett
412 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:27 Tom Collinge, Queensbury RC)
241 30:11 Paul O'Looney
449 41:18 Abbie Reynier (junior)
480 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:19 Adam Breaks, U/A)
147 26:03 Karen Lambe
157 26:14 Eric Morley
367 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:48 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
3   20:08 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
24  22:48 Will Worboys
41  24:16 Chris Cunningham
76  27:27 John Brown
135 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:24 Steve Middleton, Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers)
51  23:14 Norman Bush
247 ran

Liversedge Half Marathon, Sun 15 Feb

Results ...

(1  1:15:33 Kevin Ogden, Spen AC)
50  1:28:30 Sally Malir
100 1:34:52 Kate Archer
485 ran

parkruns, Sat 14 Feb

Petra Bijsterveld reports... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:35 James Kovacs, Salford Harriers)
145 23:53 John Marshall
466 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:39 Unknown)
82  24:27 Stephanie Fox
142 26:29 Petra Bijsterveld
464 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:36 Louis Maurice, Harrogate Harriers)
28  21:35 Neil Thurston
296 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  19:27 Scott Henderson, Hyde Park Harriers)
6   21:19 Malcolm Pickering
95  30:49 Anna Pickering (junior)
127 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:43 Reece Dalton, Ripon Runners)
47  23:08 Norman Bush
231 ran

Harewood House Half Marathon, Sun 8 Feb

From Jonathan Sinclair ... Off road race organised by the British Heart Foundation. Wonderful running though undulating fields and woods of the Harewood estate - weather and views were great. Didn't see any other Harriers (although the results don't appear to give full club detail). Recommend it for next year. Results ...

(1 1:23:26 Chris Singleton, Trademark AC)  
24 1:28:38 Jonathan Sinclair 1st V 50
829 finished

Peco XC, Sun 8 Feb

From Petra on Facebook ... Stunning Sunday morning at the PECO XC, lots of Harriers running. I believe Jack Wood came 2nd which is amazing as the 19 mile Wadsworth Trog (where he came 3rd) was only yesterday. Results ...

(1  23:37 Linton Taylor, Leeds Uni)
2   23:58 Jack Wood
28  26:31 Steve Coy
104 29:24 Mark Iley
133 30:22 Ben Joynson
197 32:40 Phil Hirst
283 37:54 Geoffrey White
297 39:17 Eric Morley
320 42:08 Don MacRae
332 finished
7th team in First Division

(1  28:12 Myra Jones, Valley Striders)
38  33:41 Nicky Hopwood
56  35:03 Caroline Craske
81  36:57 Allison Ricci
107 38:30 Gaenor Coy
119 39:07 Petra Bijsterveld
133 39:54 Julie Elmes
191 45:50 Emma O'Looney
192 46:05 Christine Reilly
211 49:47 Claire Shouler
215 finished
5th team in First Division

Rombalds Stride, Sat 7 Feb

Dan Wilkinson reports ... Harriers were out in force for this year's Rombalds Stride. Conditions were fantastic given the recent storms and snow, we had a calm mild day and the ground was quite firm. Of course this means one thing - fast times. I joined the leading group but couldn't quite keep pace, and as has been the case in previous years Graham Pearce won in 2:38 but only because talented youngster Frank Beresford got lost on the Chevin and came second! More amusing considering he is an Otley runner and had recced that section just the day before! I managed to finish 4th in 2:45, 18 mins quicker than 2014 and Jane McCarthy continued her purple patch finishing First Lady in a fantastic 3:05. Lots of Harriers set PBs including Dick Waddington, John Hayes and Ben Sheppard all under 3:10 and improving over last year.

From Paul Stephens ... A superb day as Dan says, and another excellently organised Rombalds Stride. great to see so many Harriers at the start and finish. I didn't see many on the way round which means I didn't get overtaken but on the other hand I didn't catch people either. I felt quite strong at the finish, but those who saw me in the hall afterwards might have thought otherwise. For the first time ever I didn't manage the pie and peas. And given that this was my 20th Rombalds, I'm a tad annoyed. I was however pleased with my time - exactly the same as last year (3.54), and even given the fast times I'm quite satisfied. When I see my position, I may be less so, but whatever, it was a good day out and I'm feeling ok today.

Results ...

(1  2:38:38 Graham Pearce, P&B)
4   2:45:15 Dan Wilkinson PB
14  3:02:55 Ben Sheppard
17  3:05:57 Jane McCarthy First Lady
18  3:06:15 Dick Waddington
22  3:08:49 John Hayes
19  3:15:21 Jann Smith PB 3rd lady
41  3:21:43 Duncan Cooper
44  3:22:54 Rob Cunningham
48  3:26:55 Michael Lomas
60  3:32:54 Outi Kamarainen
66  3:36:32 Andrew Merrick
83  3:44:41 Mike Baldwin
105 3:54:05 Paul Stephens
114 3:57:10 Ewan Welsh
119 4:00:12 Elle Bradley
133 4:06:24 Adela Reperecki
159 4:19:54 Sarah Edwards
161 4:20:24 Sarah Hayes
166 4:22:13 Lynn Donohue PB 20 mins
178 4:26:20 Gavin Burgess
221 4:54:43 Dave Ibbotson
315 6:30:05 Amanda Parnaby
Any more?
467 finished incl. walkers

Wadsworth Trog, Sat 7 Feb

Woodentops photos

From Dave Woodhead ... Jack Wood finished 3rd in 2:39:35, winner was Karl Gray of Calder Valley in 2:27:24 on the new course.

From Jack ... Following advice from Captain Will, I travelled to Hebden Bridge for the Wadsworth Trog (aka The Beast) in preparation for this year's Three Peaks. The route was a figure of 8 on the frozen Wadsworth Moor with a number of steep climbs. I was on my own in fourth for most of the first half, but put in an extra effort to catch and follow the guy in front so I knew where I was going. I got ahead but then made a mistake, thankfully managing to overtake him again for third place. It was nice to sit down and eat soup and cake afterwards! Results ...

(1 2:27:24 Karl Gray, CVFR)
3  2:39:35 Jack Wood
153 finished

parkruns, Sat 7 Feb

Petra Bijsterveld reports... A win for Ruaridh Mon-Williams at Skipton on his first visit there, well clear (36 seconds) of the rest of the field. Another youngster Dan Hayes ran well and finished in 6th position. Results ...

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:46 Tim Crossland, Leeds City AC)
130 27:12 Julie Elmes
257 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
1   17:56 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
6   19:36 Dan Hayes
170 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:52 Alex Fawcett, Ripon Runners)
36  22:48 Norman Bush
210 ran

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 7 Feb

There were over 500 children racing at Ashlands PS this morning, full results on our junior pages

Ilkley Harriers Race League update

From Martin Wright ... Tom Adams is top of the table after winning the only race so far this year. I suspect it'll take a wildcard to knock him off that position before May. League results after the first race

Let's have lots of Harriers doing the League thus year! Read about it on the League page.

Dewsbury 10K, Sun 1 Feb

Steph Fox reports ... 11 Harriers turned out for an early 9am start in Dewsbury. After an eventful week of snow storms, frost and winds, we welcomed the ice-free route with a step in our stride. The flat-ish route out of Dewsbury and back again isn't the most inspiring and there was a deceptively cheeky wind on the way out which may have slowed the disheartened. However with a slight downhill return and no wind in the air, chilling the cheeks, this ensured there were a couple of PB'S to be enjoyed.
Helen Waddington and Steph Fox were happy to report PB'S and Petra Bjisterveld knocked fabulously over 2 minutes of her previous 10K time.

From Helen ... Really pleased to get a PB of 46.11 today - all thanks to Neil Saturday and Jane's Thursday sessions! And Steve adds .... thanks to Pete Shields and the Wednesday evening gang for speeding me up!

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  31:02 Mohammad Abu Rezeq, Altrincham and District AC)  
45  35:35 Matt Newell PB
121 37:48 Rob Cunningham
185 39:40 Steve Newell PB
208 40:10 Sally Malir 1st F50
277 41:43 Caz Farrow
299 42:11 Kate Archer
323 42:52 Adrian Bastow
489 46:11 Helen Waddington PB
536 47:23 Stephanie Fox PB
703 51:30 Petra Bijsterveld PB
731 52:51 Hilda Coulsey
1075 finished

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