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Ilkley Incline race, Wed 2 Sep

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A great challenge for fell-runners, road-runners, all runners!

7pm start, £2 entry, great prizes, 15+

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Harriers: come and get some Ilkley Harriers Race League points!

Notice of 2015 AGM

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of Ilkley Harriers Athletic Club is on Tuesday 22nd September at Ilkley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club starting at 8.40pm after the Tuesday night run. All members of Ilkley Harriers are welcome at the AGM.

parkruns, Sat 29 Aug

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:14 Adam Stacey, U/A)
113 22:58 Harry Stead (junior)
216 27:28 Max Stead (junior)
363 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:12 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
321 34:13 Alex Hyde
432 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:13 Noah Armitage-Hookes, U/A)
4   18:01 Alex Hirst
146 ran

(1  17:46 Louis Taub, Brighton and Hove City AC)
9   19:58 Andrew Overend
134 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:34 Allen Bush, U/A)
33  22:36 Harry Sime
34  22:36 Robert Sime
166 ran

Rochdale Half Marathon, Sun 23 Aug

Harry Sime reports ... This was Rochdale's inaugural half marathon starting in front of the iconic town hall. There was a fun run followed by a 10k which started 10 minutes before the HM. The HM was 2 laps of a slightly extended 10k course. Overall about 1500 runners so first lap more crowded than the 2nd. It was well marshalled with water stations offering full bottles every 5k which was appreciated given the warm humid conditions. Roads were closed too. Other than the finish it was not a very memorable course although we were glad that there were no steep hills to remember but it wasn't flat either. Robert and I were the only Harriers and we were both pleased with our times for our first HM. Results ...

(1  1:13:09 Dave Archer, Hallamshire)
123 1:44:07 Harry Sime
124 1:44:07 Robert Sime
508 finished

Burnsall 10, Sat 22 Aug

Woodentops photos

Hilda Coulsey reports ... Another great afternoon of sports and fun in Burnsall. It was hot and muggy, times were slow in the road race and less well attended this year whereas the fell race attracted a much larger group. Rob Cunningham come in first Harrier home for the 10 mile road race and Ben Shepherd in the Classic fell race. Crazy David Chandler did both. Prizes to Hilda Coulsey for 1st L50 in the road race and to Alison Weston, 1st L50 on the fell. Congratulations to all who entered. There were plenty of good junior performances too and lots of other good fun as well culminating in the fiercely contested egg throwing. All completed before the heavens opened.

Results ...

(1  56:01 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
25  67:36 Rob Cunningham
35  70:27 David Chandler
78  85:18 Jean Sullivan
90  92:11 Hilda Coulsey
96  94:36 Paul Sugden
102 98:20 Petra Bijsterveld
116 finished

This was an Ilkley Harriers Race League counter, calcs later ...
From Hilda ... We have queried the times given to those of us in the second half of the race, with Garmin time about 3 mins faster than Burnsall time, and according to the organiser others also reported the problem. However there isn't anything that can be done and hence, as we say on our League webpage "only official published results are used", these times will be used in the calculations. Apologies to those affected.

Burnsall Classic fell race, Sat 22 Aug

Results ...

(1  14:49 Sam Tosh)
17  18:32 Ben Sheppard
26  19:13 Steve Turland
37  20:01 Richard Joel
77  22:56 Paddy Hagan
78  23:05 David Chandler
83  23:22 Alison Weston
156 finished
5th team

Pendle 3 Peaks, Sat 22 Aug

From Jamie Hutchinson ... 9 miles and 2800ft climb. A great little race around and over Pendle Hill, very similar running to previous weekend at Sedbergh - soft underfoot with plenty of up and down. The race starts with the first and last few kms on tarmac and then three descent climbs and nicely runnable in between. I made it round in 1:43:11 and 21st overall with Nick Pearce just a few minutes behind me in 1:46:49 and 28th overall (1st V60). The race was won by Darren Kay from Calder Valley in 1:24:47, 149 ran.

Glencoe Skyline, Sat 22 Aug

From Dave Wilby ... 53km/4200m It's fell running Jim, but not as we know it. Weighing in at roughly half a Bob Graham, or back to back Jura's, the first ever Glencoe Skyline race brought a world class course and event management to a small corner of Scotland under the banner of Skyrunning. The route was exceptional taking in all the major summits of Glencoe in a very natural loop, and for good measure included the graded scrambles of Curved Ridge and a full length traverse of the Aonach Eagach ridge. Nothing was roped but there were mountain guides stationed on the hill in case of any difficulties, the whole course was flagged, and there were plenty of cameramen at opportune points! All the checkpoint marshalls were issued with cowbells, and there were groups of supporters all over the place which gave the race a real European feel, and made the whole thing an amazing experience. All competitors also carried GPS trackers so the folks at home could join in the fun watching the dots all day! For my part I came into the race doubting I'd last the course, but a mixture of good pacing and the inspirational race atmosphere meant it was only in the last two hours that the wheels wobbled, loosened and then eventually fell off completely. I had a great day out and was chuffed to bits to claim 25th place out of 148 very well vetted starters, in a time of 9:11hrs. The winner was Joe Symonds in 7:36hrs but as so often this summer the ladies stole the show. Current world champ Emelie Forsberg was 2nd overall in 7:44 and Jasmin Paris was 5th overall, only 10 minutes behind Emelie despite not feeling very well at times. It looks like this will happen again next year and I don't think it will take long for it to overtake all other Skyraces as the 'one to do', so get it on your list and get training.

parkruns, Sat 22 Aug

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:34 Christopher Mann, Hyde Park Harriers)
117 24:49 Andrew Overend
307 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:12 Michael Malyon, Baildon Runners)
255 34:33 Alex Hyde
347 ran

Mile End
(1  16:09 Paul Martelletti, Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC)
26  20:27 Tom Worboys
181 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:36 Noah Armitage-Hookes, U/A)
2   17:58 Alex Hirst
152 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:09 James Raven, Cardiff AAC)
41  24:45 Dylan Shinn (junior)
76  30:59 Michelle Snow
102 ran

Skala uphill only race, Norway, August

From Alison Weson ... we have just returned from almost 3 weeks in Norway and I took part in the uphill only race up mount Skala in Loen, just near the Nordfjord. It was about 1,842 m of climbing in 8.2 km from sea level. Pretty steep gradient all the way. There was no official kit list but you needed to carry a rucksack weighing at least 2.5kg at the bottom and top of the climb, with weighing scales provided at the start of the race! I struggled to get my pack to 2.5kg despite my heaviest gear and had to add plenty of food and water, despite there being 5 water stations on the way up.
The route past some very impressive waterfalls and the views from the top were amazing. There was quite a bit of snow from about 1,200m and big chunks of ice on a tarn halfway up. Felt very unusual for August! Graham and the gilrs set off walking up about 3 hours ahead of me and we timed it pretty well to meet up at the top. I reached the top in 2 hours 10, a whole hour behind the winning man. Lots of photos and admiring the surronding peaks and glaciers before everyone descended at their own pace. It seemed at lot further going down though!

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, July

Andrew Sheldon Harrogate District Summer Race League co-ordination Other nominations were:
Alison Weston - Joss Naylor Challenge
Harry Maslen - Bronze Medal U20 England Home Internationals
Sharon Meadows ULTD 100

An outstanding achievement award was made to Harry Maslen.

More Harriers of the Month ...

Sedbergh Hills, Sun 16 Aug

From Jamie Hutchinson ... 14 miles and 6000ft climb. I knew this would be a toughie having done a few training runs in the area with Brian. Safe to say I made a steady start knowing what was to come. With 6000ft climb in 14 miles you can imagine there's a fair amount of walking uphill. The warm conditions with very little breeze made for a tough few hours. I felt fairly strong until the climb up to the Calf where I seemed to go backwards. Within the last few miles I realised I might be pushing it to get under 3 hours so put in a bit more effort and almost did it! I finished in 3 hours 45 seconds and 43rd overall. The race was won by Jo Symonds in 2:13:40, 121 ran.

Dig Deep Intro Ultra, Sat 15 Aug

From Andrew Merrick ... given the running exploits of a number of Harriers this summer, I am not sure I am worthy to use the U word, but I can recommend this race for anyone wanting to make a small step up from marathon distance to experience something a little different.
Based at a farm park in the Peak District, this was a well organised friendly event, with various presentations organised for the Friday night (together with pasta and local beer) in the barn that was the race headquarters. A longer distance (60 mile) race started at 6am on the Saturday morning with our 30 miler getting underway at 8. Pre race reccying essential, although the first and last few miles were signposted, as we headed off into beautiful but hilly Peak District countryside on a clear cool day - perfect running conditions.
A useful early ultra experience of in-flight refuelling both for me and my Garmin (a USB charger does work, although you can't access distance and time info whilst charging although it does continue to record). The one large food station was sufficient as were the three serious hills.
The location and relaxed nature of this event means it is one I would recommend as an ultra taster.

(1 4:26:54 Lee Kemp)
13 5:17:47 Andrew Merrick
129 finished

parkruns, Sat 15 Aug

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:43 John Hobbs, Valley Striders)
7   18:03 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
120 23:46 Harry Stead (junior)
352 35:58 John Marshall
370 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:54 Andrew Siddle, Doncaster AC)
93  24:57 Peter Lewis
109 25:27 Alex Hyde
441 ran

Hilly Fields, Lewisham
(1  17:19 unknown)
5   18:38 Alex Hirst
148 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:31 Tom Brewster, Clayton le Moors)
30  22:22 Harry Sime
31  22:22 Robert Sime
149 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:57 Allen Bush, U/A)
28  20:51 Geoff Howard
39  22:10 Norman Bush
238 ran

Round Hill fell race, Sun 9 Aug

From Michael Duffield ... Results ...

(1    55:35 Lee Athersmith, Wharfedale)
15  1:05:09 Rob Cunningham
18  1:05:28 John Hayes
20  1:06:07 David Chandler
23  1:06:52 Nick Pearce
31  1:09:17 Micheal Duffield
36  1:10:52 Steven Weston
41  1:11:43 Dave Robson
50  1:13:38 Malcolm Pickering
55  1:15:05 Rebecca Mon-Williams
84  1:23:40 Philip Hurst
90  1:26:03 Chantel Busby
91  1:26:13 Peter Lewis
102 1:30:07 Sue Morley
106 1:32:13 Nigel Tapper
110 1:34:04 David Green
117 1:37:38 Paul Sugden
120 1:42:44 Sally Wright
121 1:43:16 Petra Bijsterveld
129 finished

This was an Ilkley Harriers Race League counter, calcs later ...

Joss Naylor Challenge, Sat 8 Aug

From Brian Melia... on Saturday 8th August at 6.00 am I began a Joss Naylor Challenge. Covering some 30 tops 48 miles and 17000 feet of ascent.
I had help from Pooley Bridge to Dunmail from Jamie Hutchison and Matt Neale. Then Dunmail to Joss's place at Greendale Bridge from Tom Phillips.
I started badly falling backwards over the sign in Pooley bridge gashing my leg and stunning myself, whilst trying to explain to another runner's support that I was leaving at 6 as Jamie and Matt were still in the loo and I had to set off!
I made Arthur's Pike on time at 6.35, but then i started to drop time at each top. I arrived at Kirkstone pass 9 minutes down then Dunmail raise 20 minutes down.
Tom encouraged me up Steel fell and Raise, but I lost more time. It was very wet under foot and energy sapping. Things stabilised across the Sca Fell massif, but I still arrived at Styhead 40 minutes down. I asked Tom if we should stop, but he wanted at least to go up Great Gable. Without stopping for any rest, I trotted up Gable to pull back 5 minutes and this helped surge me on, taking minutes here and there. Finally, coming off Haycock up to Seatallan I was able to think about getting under 12 hours, the cut off time for my age, 51 yrs old.
At Middle Fell I arrived at 17.40 with 20 minutes to get to Greendale. We ran hard off the top and happily I arrived at the finish 17.55.38secs. Jamie was not there as he expected me an hour later... he said he was snoozing!!
It was a magical day and made more special with Joss waiting to have a chat. A few minutes later Wendy Dodds also arrived for the celebration - two legends!!
My thanks to Tom Phillips, Jamie, and Matt Neale for their superb support. I was pleased I did not need to have another attempt as it has taken a lot out of me, which later on reflection has become apparent.

Turner Landscape, Sat 8 Aug

Results ...

(1 1.30:38 Ben Abdelnoor, Ambleside AC)
8  1.40:32 Dan Wilkinson
31 1.57:36 Kate Archer  2nd lady
97 finished

Arncliffe Gala, Sat 8 Aug

Results ...

(1 10:23 Simon Bailey, Mercia FR)
11 12:32 Mark Mon-Williams
101 finished

parkruns, Sat 8 Aug

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Harrogate Stray
(1 17:42 Stephen Ellison, U/A)
6   18:37 Euan Brennan (junior)
351 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:29 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
26  22:25 Harry Sime
27  22:26 Robert Sime
30  22:31 Archie Budding (junior)
32  22:46 Dylan Shinn (junior)
62  25:40 Hilda Coulsey
112 30:55 Michelle Snow
145 ran

Farleton Knott, Sun 2 Aug

Results ...

(1 33:41 Tom Addison, Helm Hill)
31 45:45 Steve Turland
73 finished

parkruns, Sat 1 Aug

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:45 Andrew Benson, Preston Harriers)
7   18:34 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
253 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:15 Ed Beecher, Harrogate Harriers)
18  19:36 Euan Brennan (junior)
163 26:36 Julie Elmes
314 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:09 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
24  22:56 Harry Sime
25  22:57 Robert Sime
121 ran

Humber Bridge
(1  19:00 Mick Clifford, U/A)
22  24:38 Sarah Edwards
62 ran

Ambleside Sports, Thu 30 July

Results ...

(1 13:59 Mark Addison, Helm Hill)
28 17:59 Mark Mon-Williams
91 finished

Proposed Compact Athletics Training Facility

This week's Ilkley Gazette featured an item on this, which will be of interest to Harriers. There was an open club meeting about this, and it's been in the newsletter, but Shirley also summarises the current position from an athletics point of view in this new page on the junior website.

Home Internationals U20 decathlon, 25-26 July

Congratulations to Harry Maslen who was selected to represent England at the U20 Decathlon Home Internationals held at Hexham over the weekend. Harry finished with a Bronze medal and a PB points score of 6,646 which puts him 4th in the national rankings. More on the the junior website.

James Herriot 14km, Sun 26 July

From Jean Sullivan ... My 14km race seems very tame compared to the amazing undertakings by other Ilkley Harriers this weekend!
A multi terrain race along moorland tracks and paths, which starts and ends at Castle Bolton in Wensleydale. A big hill to be dealt with right at the start but well worth it for the amazing views to be seen when running along the tops. A lovely downhill finish.
I would definitely recommend this small and very friendly race which shows off Yorkshire's beautiful scenery to perfection! James Herriot's son was present to see us off and also to present the prizes at the end. Results ...

(1  55:21 Ed Hyland, Stainland Lions)
111 80:21 Jean Sullivan
239 finishers

Saltaire 15K trail race, Sun 26 July

Woodentops photos

From Harry Sime ... This event was run by Saltaire Striders and started near Roberts Park. If you like running along canal towpaths then you will love most of this course. The first and final kms were through a field and the 8th and 9th consisted of a short steep rise up and down via woodland paths and a bit of an obstacle course with a number of steps, stiles and railings to go over or under. The remaining 11Kms were along the canal towards Esholt and back which allowed you to get into a steady rhythm although there was the occasional cyclist and Sunday walkers with dogs to watch out for. The event was well marshalled and well supported by local clubs. It was Robert Sime's longest event to date, he was pleased with his time and was good prep for his first HM. Recommended as a pleasant change from the more undulating local challenges. Results ...

(1 54:48 Rob James, U/A)
54 73:20 Harry Sime
55 73:22 Robert Sime
194 finished

UTLD 100: Ultra Tour of the Lake District, 24-26 July

Sharon Meadows reports ... 6,300 metres of ascent (over 20,000ft) in 169 km (105 miles). This was my third attempt at completing this race and at last it's done! It was endless and I never want to see that course again. Today I feel remarkably well, but my feet are a bit trashed.
The race began on Friday at 6pm and there was quite a big crowd for the send-off. Cut off was on Sunday at 10 am. It is a circular route that takes in all of the Lakeland fells. Starting at Coniston then on to Seathwaite - Boot - Wasdale Head - Buttermere - Braithwaite - Blencathra - Dockray - Dalemain - Howtown - Mardale Head - Kentmere - Ambleside - Chapel Stile - Tilberthwaite and back to Coniston. There are 15 checkpoints on route including the finish and as ever all the many marshalls were really helpful. I thought it best not to stop and enjoy the disco music, fairy lights and braziers but to keep on going.
I can't really say I enjoyed it but I did meet lots of friendly runners who all helped to get me through. The success rate is usually 40 - 50% but this year was the highest ever with 65% finishing. The weather conditions were much better this year which helped a lot. The Lakeland 50 which runs over the same weekend saw 95% of competitors finishing. The 50 is a much more enjoyable experience.
If you are thinking of having a go there are lots of Youtube videos, and a really good one if you look up UK top ultra runs. Entries open on 1st September and this year the race was full in under 15 minutes!
1st Male finished in 20 hours 42 minutes.
1st Female finished in 25 hours 47 minutes
I finished in 39 hours 15 minutes, 198th out of 302.
Tomorrow I am going on holiday, was going to wear my recovery tights but the children have banned me. Too embarassing! Anyway, looking forward to a rest in the sunshine.

Thunder Run 2015, 25-26 July

From Phil Hirst ... Paul Sugden led a team that completed the 24 hour 2015 Adidas Thunder Run, as part of a 2000 strong field. The Ilkley Harriers in the team were Paul Sugden, Sue Bickerdyke, Alex Hirst and Phil Hirst, with non running support from Sue Hirst and John Sanderson. The team completed a very creditable 26 laps of the off road 10k course in conditions that varied from blazing sun to persistent rain. (The team finished 53rd out of 229 entered, the winning team completing 36 laps).

Ben Ledi, Sat 25 July

From 'travelling' Jack Wood ... The inner Yorkshireman thought it was bit expensive at £12 but it was a lovely route with great views and well organised with ski slalom-esque tall markers. Couldn't stay with the leader Prasad but got over the top in second and finished in third.

Bingley Show fell race, Sat 25 July

Results ...

1  38:44 Tom Adams
14 50:38 David Chandler
42 57:37 David Chapman
93 finished

Cowling Gala fell race, Sat 25 July

Woodentops photos

Results ...

(1 20:09 Ian Willis, KCAC)
2  21:16 Martin Archer
13 25:38 Norman Bush  1st V60
31 finished

parkruns, Sat 25 July

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Mile End
(1  16:40 Nathan Dunn, Preston Harriers)
34  20:18 Tom Worboys
211 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:04  Daniel Bennett, Rochdale Harriers)
23  22:45 Harry Sime
24  22:47 Robert Sime
40  24:10 Archie Budding (junior)
136 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:40 Reece Dalton, Ripon Runners)
53  23:40 Alison Eagle
239 ran

Cairn Table Race, Wed 22 July

From 'travelling' Jack Wood ... made it to Muirkirk for this informal race which was part of a 'Bog and Burn' series. Managed to get the win despite falling in a large bog.

Golden Acre Relays, Wed 22 July

Tom Adams broke Andy Hilton's 9 year old men's course record, running 13:47 in a mixed-club team that finished 2nd. Results

Kentmere Horseshoe, Sun 19 July

From Jack Wood ... After the cycling and previous days racing the body was saying no and it was a battle to keep running. Still, enjoyed the route and being out there on the fells in the Lakes. Narrowly missed out on being 40th in the 40th edition of this race but did manage to come home just ahead of the first lady.
Results ...

(1 1:31:23 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
41 1:52:07 Jack Wood
341 finished

Cracoe fell race, Sun 19 July

Woodentops photos

Results ...

(1 19:58 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
11 24:52 Mark Mon-Williams
38 29:58 Lucy Williamson 1st LU23
41 30:15 Norman Bush
64 34:41 Joanne Williamson
81 finished

Windmill Half - Lytham, Sun 19 July

From Kevin Lawson ... Ran with a mate completing his first ever half. A lovely two loop run along the seafront though very windy in parts! Great to see a lot of local clubs represented. Results ...

(1  1:18:21 Conrad McKee, Blackburn)
418 2:08:10 Kevin Lawson
579 finished

League update

From Martin Wight ... the latest Ilkley Harriers Race League update, after 12 races.

Eiger trail, Sat 18 July

From Jamie Hutchinson ... Saturday 18th July and 5.45am I just made the start of the Eiger trail race starting from Grindlewald, Switzerland and taking in the Faulhorn at its highest point and 51km and 3100m height gain. The route is mainly on tracks with just the initial few kms and last 10km on tarmac with the Eiger, Monch etc as the backdrop. I started at the back of the field (a benefit of not setting my alarm correctly!) and slowly moved through the field until just before the half way point. The climb up the Faulhorn was really hard and relentless but rewarded with fantastic views and a gradual descent for most of the second half of the race. I descended well the last few miles to the valley floor before the last few miles along the road back into Grindlewald. I finished in 8 hours 21 minutes and 142 in my class with the winner (Martin Schedler) completing it in an astonishing 5 hours 22 minutes - 454 finished.

Ingleborough, Sat 18 July

From Jack Wood ... Fast and furious race mainly on a stony track to the top of Ingleborough and back. Reached the summit in third and caught first on the steep drop but couldn't stay with him on the long gradual descent. Nick and Norman ran well and were first M60 and M70 respectively.
Results ...

(1  47:132 Steve Hebbethwaite, Keswick)
3   47:47 Jack Wood
64  60:10 Nick Pearce
112 67:29 Norman Bush
195 finished

Snowdon International Mountain Race, Sat 18 July

Well done to Tom Adams, helping England to team Gold as second England counter! Results ...

(1  1:10:18 Emanuele Manzi, Italy)
5   1:13:24 Tom Adams
185 1:40:27 Michael Lomas
609 finished

parkruns, Sat 18 July

Results ...

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:49 Stephen Ellison, UA)
4   18:10 Euan Brennan
380 ran

Skipton Aireville Park (100th event at Skipton)
(1  18:33 Andrew Chell, Barlick)
3   19:02 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
5   19:52 Jemima Elgood (junior) first lady
170 ran

Washburn Relays, Fri 17 July

Results ...

1 59:58 Hyde Park Harriers

4 63:15 Ilkley Men A
 2  18:28 Jack Cummings
 5  23:45 Ben Sheppard
 13 21:02 Andrew Sheldon
17 71:49 Ilkley Men B
 31 23:08 Will Worboys
 21 27:11 David Chandler
 16 21:30 Ben Joynson

34 76:45 Ilkley Mixed A
 38 23:59 Jean Sullivan
 15 26:42 Richard Joel
 46 26:05 Stephanie Fox
49 83:31 Ilkley Mixed B
 65 27:19 Julie Elmes
 44 30:58 Andrew Jackson
 39 25:14 Caroline Craske
65 94:10 Ilkley Mixed C
 68 29:41 Sally Wright
 60 34:21 Petra Bijsterveld
 63 30:08 Don Macrae
71 teams finished

Fab results from the 7 junior teams too, see the junior pages

Lancaster 10k, Wed 15 July

Results ...

(1 31:19 Stuart Robinson, Salford)
7  34:44 Dan Wilkinson
188 finished

Widdop, Wed 15 July

Jack Wood reports ... For the first race of my summer cycling tour I cycled out to Widdop. This is a 7 mile circuit of the area near Widdop Reservoir, running mainly along narrow trods with a lovely ever-steeper descent near the end. Having cycled up a horribly steep hill to get there (from Trawden), I told myself to take it easy but once the race started I couldn't help myself and was with the leaders Darren and Christian. After a couple of miles my legs started to go and I fell back through the field but then I started to feel better (or those around me felt worse) and recovered to get third. The prize giving was at the very friendly Packhorse Inn and I managed to pick up some chocolate and beer for my travels.

Leeds 10k, Sun 12 July

Results ...

(1   31:33 Kevin Loundes, Manx H)
21   35:24 Alex Sinclair
145  39:52 Dick Waddington
606  44:53 Kevin Lawson
826  47:25 Christine Cox 1st F55
1124 48:55 William Woodhead
1484 50:53 Alex Hyde  PB
1678 53:45 Charlotte Smithson
2666 56:38 Sally Lynch
7127 finished

Martin Egan memorial 10k, Sun 12 July

(1 33:13 Matt Bidwell, Galway City)
3  37:53 Alex Hirst  PB

Addingham Gala fell race, Sat 11 July

The Addingham Gala fell race, now in its 6th year with Ilkley Harriers, had a record field of 100 runners. Jack Wood won, making it a 'double' after winning the 'other' Beamsley Beacon fell race a few weeks ago. The sun shone (not too much), the crowds cheered, and Jonny Brownlee was there to cheer on the runners on the hill. Well done to RO Dan Wilkinson and all the helpers. Photos on

Results ...

1  39:56 Jack Wood
11 46:12 Steve Turland
16 46:34 Rob Cunningham
20 46:57 Gavin Lamb
23 48:16 John Hayes
30 49:25 David Foyston
34 50:03 Ewan Farrow
37 51:04 Duncan Cooper
39 51:26 Michael Duffield
47 53:28 Dave Robson
48 53:37 Jann Smith 2nd lady
50 53:40 Norman Bush
53 54:19 Ben Joynson
56 55:28 Lucy Williamson
57 55:50 Geoff Howard
60 56:04 Will Worboys
71 57:20 Paul Stephens
72 57:29 Alan Chapman
83 60:28 Leanne Farrow
90 63:42 Sue Morley
96 68:08 Peter Lewis
97 73:18 Paul Sugden
100 finishers

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge, Sat 11 July

Val Kerr reports ... WELL DONE to Alison Weston who successfully completed the Joss Naylor Challenge. This tour of the Lakeland peaks includes climbing 30 tops, crossing 48 miles of mountain terrain and climbing nearly 17000ft (all in less than 14 hrs). Fantastic Alison, an inspiration.

From Alison Weston ... A massive thanks to all those pacers and supporters who helped me compete the Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge this weekend in just under 14 hours (~ 13hrs 40). Great company all the way round and accurate route finding despite a mixed bag of weather. And Joss Naylor there to meet us at the end!
Leg 1 Pooley Bridge to Kirkstone Pass over 12 tops with Jane and Kate
Leg 2 Kirkstone Pass to Dunmail Raise over 4 tops with Sarah and Nick
Leg 3 Dunmail Raise to Styhead tarn over 6 tops with Nicky, Outi and Roy
Leg 4 Styhead Tarn to Greendale over 8 tops with Helen, Dick and Roy (+ Nea over last top)
Road and Styhead support from Graham, Nea and Lyra
Many thanks!

Graham's photos

Dales Trail 30 Muker, Sat 11 July

From Jamie Hutchinson ... 10am on the start line of the Dales Trail 30k just outside Muker in Swaledale. A stunning place for a start line and ahead 30km taking in Tan Hill at the high point and half distance. The first five miles were pretty much uphill initially on the road before hitting the trails - I started well if not a bit too quick and settled into a steady trot. We were blessed with fine weather, just a bit blustery over the exposed tops. Ben Huskins won in 2hrs30, I finished in 3hrs5mins and 24th out of 115 finishers.

parkruns, Sat 11 July

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:16 Christian Holmes, Wharfedale Harriers)
68  24:49 Alex Hyde
94  26:07 Tom Worboys
330 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:26 Mark Bryant, Leeds City)
191 26:16 Julie Elmes
401 ran

Wycombe Rye
(1  18:28 Daniel Weathers, Wycombe Phoenix)
31  22:05 Ethan Thompson
281 ran

Temple Newsam
(1  17:25 Kristoff Boynton, York Acorn RC)
13  21:59 Geoffrey Howard
114 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:34 Alan Walsh, Wharfedale Harriers)
6   19:15 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
37  23:54 Dylan Shinn (junior)
120 ran

1   15:14 Tom Adams
139 ran

Selection news

Well done to Harry Maslen who has been selected to compete for England in the home international U20 decathlon championships in Hexham on the 25/26 July.

Stirton fell race, Wed 8 July

From Dan Wilkinson ... A fabulous evening race over at Stirton that takes in Sharp Haw, twice. Yet another win for Jack as he continued his purple patch battling it out to the line with Barlick's Jimmy Craig. Outi Kamarainen also ran well to get 3rd lady. Results ...

1  36:26 Jack Wood
6  38:13 Dan Wilkinson
16 43:26 Steve Turland
47 49:10 Outi Kamarainen
59 50:52 Norman Bush
96 finished

HDSRL Norman Smith Handicap race, Tue 7 July

A record field of 245 finishers in the traditional League finale, staged by Otley AC this year. (Results below are in finish order so are out of order with the times.) Results ...

(1  42:48 Ronan Walsh, Swaledale)
(10 30:30 Andrew Grant, Harrogate (fastest))
19  44:33 James Rochfort
26  55:13 Laura Dawes
29  50:20 Don Macrae
32  36:28 Tom Worboys
92  43:06 Jean Sullivan
100 41:42 Julie Watson
112 46:18 Geoffrey White
118 42:53 Caroline Craske
139 37:04 Andrew Sheldon
181 40:56 Will Worboys
199 44:41 Christine Cox
223 38:47 Ben Joynson
232 49:04 Julie Elmes
245 64:21 Claire Murphy
245 finished
Photo by Gary Waite

Photo by Dragons' Gary Waite: Andrew Sheldon, our HDSRL club coordinator, trying to beat his handicap.

Andrew Sheldon adds ... Christine Cox won the HDSRL 2015 FV55 individual medal, awarded for the most main team points best three results from the four races. Well done Christine!

Rochdale 10k, Tue 7 July

From Rob.Cunningham ... I dashed out to Rochdale to take part in this undulating 10k. Miserable Manchester conditions at the start as the rain absolutely bounced it down. It died off by the 2 mile mark, and by the end I was quite hoping it would start again. Results ...

(1 35:06 Rob James, Unattached)
12 37:21 Rob Cunningham
341 finished

Eccup 10M, Sun 5 July

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Ten Harriers travelled down the road to Adel for the Eccup 10 mile road race. Always in July and on an undulating course with little shade this race is tough on a hot day, and I have abiding memories of walking long stretches of it two years ago in sweltering conditions. Thankfully today was much more manageable. We were started off by Jonny Brownlee, I only found this out after the event from Twitter, as sadly the PA system failed and this fact completely passed me by.
Gavin Lamb was the first Harrier home in 51st place, followed by Tom Worboys who has been gaining a lot of pace this year and ran a PB. Kate Archer was the 3rd Harrier and also 3rd F35 (PB), Christine Cox 2nd F55 and Hilda Coulsey 3rd F60.
Alex Hyde passed me at 5 miles muttering something about enjoying too much of the good stuff the night before, but it did not seem to hamper his progress! It left me as the last Harrier to cross the finish line but I was pleased to find I had still run a 10 mile PB.
Results ...

(1    56:37 Chris Smith, Leeds City AC)
51  1:06:36 Gavin Lamb
66  1:07:40 Tom Worboys PB
94  1:09:27 Kate Archer 3rd F35 PB
98  1:09:34 Andrew Merrick
312 1:21:37 Christine Cox 2nd F55
345 1:23:08 Chloe Merrick
351 1:23:21 Jane Bryant
402 1:26:19 Hilda Coulsey 3rd F60
455 1:28:30 Alex Hyde PB
488 1:31:02 Petra Bijsterveld PB
726 ran

Harrogate Town Centre 10k, Sun 5 July

Results ...

(1  31:28 Tesfaye Debele, Leeds City)
190 46:41 Robert Sime
191 46:43 Harry Sime
199 47:10 Chantal Busby
328 51:59 Ruth Kitchen
370 53:09 Chris Wilby
371 53:06 Louise Airey
409 55:38 Julie Elmes
622 finished

Blackfell fell race, Sat 4 July

From Dan Wilkinson... Blackfell fell race is a brand new AM race this year taking in the best of the landscape of Upper Wharfedale. The race requires navigational skills as, in parts it does not use paths and it was up to runners to establish the quickest route between checkpoints. Because the clag had lifted this made proceedings relatively simple and runners took slight variations in line rather than getting totally lost. 31 took part and the race was won by Sam Watson in 1:24:53, I managed 3rd and Jack was 5th home. A brilliant addition to the calendar and I would urge all fell runners to give this a go next year - it's superb and a firm favourite of mine already.
Results ...

(1 1:24:53 Sam Watson, Wharfedale)
3  1:28:07 Dan Wilkinson
5  1:36:35 Jack Wood
31 finished

Oakworth Haul, Sat 4 July

Norman Bush, V70, storming the Oakworth Haul ... Results ...

(1 40:05 Charlie McIntosh, P&B)
11 51:35 Norman Bush
20 finished
Woodentops photos

Heptonstall Festival fell race, Sat 4 July

Will Buckton reports ... A hot day on the Calderdale moors above Hebden Bridge. A nice run apart from being followed by swarms of flies for parts of the race!
Results ...

(1   50:57 Joseph Crossfield, CVFR)
77 1h13:24 Jamie Partovi
91 1h22:15 Will Buckton
100 finished
Woodentops photos

Kirkby Gala fell race, Sat 4 July

Results ...

(1 31:59 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
8  37:34 Mark Mon-Williams
10 37:47 Steve Turland
58 finished

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon, 4-5 July

John Hayes writes ... One of the joys of running a mountain marathon is that warm glow of satisfaction when you stumble through the mist and find yourself right at the flag. Day one of the Saunders proved to be very misty and - whether by luck or judgement - we had a few of these moments. But then there are those occasions when you are convinced you are in the right place but there is no flag to be seen. Usually this causes mild irritation, then increasing panic as time ticks away, followed by running around madly and finally expletive-laden desperation. This is what happened (to me at least - Sarah stayed remarkably calm) when we reached control 5 of the Harter Fell course. We spent an hour or more searching and searching for a flag only to give up and head to the half-way camp forlornly. Just as we were pondering how we would live with the ignominy of being disqualified, we learnt that the flag had not been there (until a marshal arrived after us to put it out). So, with our spirits lifted, we lounged around in the sun (which came out in the afternoon), ate our quick-cook pasta, went to bed at 8pm, slept through the very loud baaing sheep, got up at 6am, stood in the toilet queue, got bitten by midges and ran a second day - without mishap - back to the finish. Sarah and I were very pleased to finish 21st and 1st mix vets. Sarah Edwards and her dad ran the Harter Fell class too and turned on the style on day two finishing 17th overall. Special mention also to Adrian Hall and his son Matthew (doing his first MM) who came a brilliant 4th in the Bedafell class.

parkruns, Sat 4 July

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  16:49 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
8   19:05 Andrew Overend
327 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  15:54 Jamil Parapia, Otley AC)
152 26:27 Julie Elmes
335 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:54 Hugh Salway, U/A)
2   19:15 Alex Hirst
184 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:18 James Raven, Cardiff AC)
32  22:52 Harry Sime
34  22:56 Robert Sime
68  26:14 Charlotte Smithson
133 36:09 Emma Curran
143 ran

Murder Mile, Thu 2 July

Results ...

1   6:44 Tom Adama
13  8:36 Jemima Elgood 1st FU17, 1st lady
44  9:43 Lucy Haines
74 10:51 Chloe Haines
164 finished

Another England vest ...

Tom Adams is leading the England team at Snowdon this month ... details

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