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Ilkley Harriers is a friendly running club based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.
We welcome runners of all abilities and running interests and the club provides training and group runs as well as social events for members.
Ilkley Harriers compete in a whole range of running events and our Club League encourages friendly competition between members.
The Club organises races too.
Runners 8-16 are catered for by our thriving junior section.
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Latest News and Results ...

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British Fell Relays, Sun 19 Oct

Report from Dan Wilkinson ... Wow, what a day for Ilkley men's team... the fell relays took place on the seldom visited Middleton fells, a gorgeous little range between the Dales and the Howgills. The area provided great fast grassy running and Dallam and Howgill Harriers provided an excellent arena for spectating the event and partaking in some post race refreshment. The PA was fantastic, never letting up with his funny quips for the whole six and a half hours we were there. Ruaridh Mon Williams set off for the men's team and stormed home in 28th place, although the course was long for a junior this was a very stong performance from Ruaridh. Next off were me and Mark Mon-Williams on the long pairs leg, we set off strongly gaining on the runners in front and eventually being passed by the superstar pairing of Jonny Brownlee and Rob Jebb approximately 2 miles into the course. We pushed hard but lost a few places in the second half of the race unfortunately coming home in 33rd. Next off was Dave Wilby and Jack Wood, we were expecting big things from them and they didn't disappoint, with Jack's exceptional navigation and return to form gaining the team 10 places over the third leg and 12th overall for leg 3. This meant the pressure was on for Tom, who set off in 23rd position, we had a quick sweepstake on how many places he'd gain and I think he surprised us all to come back 14th with the 3rd fasted time on leg 4. I think this may be the best open result for the Ilkley Harriers?
Results ...

(1 3:43:55 Dark Peak FR)

14 4h08:11 Ilkley (men)
  46:18 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
1:29:00 Dan Wilkinson & Mark Mon-Williams
1:09:18 Jack Wood & Dave Wilby
  43:35 Tom Adams
103 5:05:06 Ilkley ladies (10th female team)
  53:40 Sally Morley
1:41:22 Kate Archer & Jann Smith
1:32:57 Sarah Edwards & Alison Weston
  57:07 Jane McCarthy
187 teams finished

Graham Weston's photos

Woodentops photos

Harewood 8 mile Trail Race, Sun 19 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Lots of races to choose from today but there was still a good Harrier turnout at this local race which is a counter in the race league. The usual 10 mile route had been shortened this year to 8 miles due to maintenance work on the Eccup Reservoir dam, though sadly this shortcut did not remove the steep climb in the final mile. Underfoot conditions were good with only the odd muddy patch, and the autumn sunshine made it feel quite warm despite the decidedly blustery conditions. A nice bottle of ale for all finishers made it all worthwhile.
Results ...

(1  44:56 Daniel Jenkin, Durham City Harriers)
58  63:50 David Chandler
76  65:41 Phil Hirst
97  67:24 Will Worboys
116 70:02 Stephanie Fox
141 72:52 Peter Lewis
144 73:12 Sarah Hayes
152 74:18 Hannah Partner
153 74:20 Nick Mellor
156 74:49 Frank Kew
164 75:11 Hilda Coulsey 1st F55
166 75:30 John Brown
187 77:46 Petra Bijsterveld
230 85:02 Sally Wright
267 finished

5 mile trail race
(1 27:45 Nicholas Hughes U/A)
4  32:55 Daniel Hayes 
73 ran

West Yorkshire XC race 1, Sun 19 Oct

Results here

(1  32:59 Simon Deakin, Leeds)
77  41:38 Stephen Coy
85  42:19 Mark Iley
101 43:34 Arthur Reilly
105 44:05 Malcolm Pickering
165 finished

(1  21:20 Claire Duck, Leeds)
15  23:59 Sally Malir
24  24:43 Caz Farrow
58  31:08 Di Kitchen
80 finished

U17 ladies
(1  16:35 Bethan Oates, Wakefield)
2   16:51 Sarah Pickering
7   17:53 Lucy Williamson
9   18:17 Lucy Jacques
14  19:07 Joanne Williamson
20  20:17 Tilly Woodward
21  20:21 Elizabeth Westhead
26 finished
1st team

45 Ilkley juniors ran brilliantly, with 7 teams in the results from U11 to U17

Bridlington Half, Sun 19 Oct

Results ...

(1  1:13:37 James Bulman, New Marske)
230 1:53:22 Adela Reperecki
257 1:55:12 Dave Ibbotson
531 finished

Race you to the summit, Sat 18 Oct

Woodentops photos

From Steve Turland ... this race was first run 48 years ago as a result of a bet by a local man that he could run from the Summit Inn to the White Lion and back in less than 30 minutes. Sounding like the sort of challenge that could be undertaken after several pints and a large kebab, it didn't sound that hard. Only snag is that the White Lion is just over 2 miles away with 850ft of ascent up and down the Pennine Bridleway.
Anyway, the local man won his bet and a large sum of money went to the local community. Sadly, 48 years on I would have failed to win the bet finishing in just over 34 minutes in 15th position. But all good fun nonetheless.

parkruns, Sat 18 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  17:54 Stephen Shanks, Victoria Pk H)
6   20:00 Will Buckton
207 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:50 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
188 29:15 Claire Murphy
374 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:03 Matt Bailey, U/A)
164 26:33 Petra Bijsterveld
343 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:49 Mike Appleton, Ripon Runners)
5   19:27 Tom Worboys
178 ran

Ilkley Harriers Annual general Meeting, Tue 14 Oct

From Paul Wood ... a quick summary, draft minutes should be available soon. A well attended AGM with 30+ people. An increase in subs by 2 to cover UKA increases was agreed (more info on subs and renewals soon). The proposed new Club Constitution was agreed. Committee and volunteer changes included new Treasurer Martin Archer, new Membership Secretary Rachel Carter, new Road Men's Captain Steve Weston, new XC Men's Captain Steve Coy. There are vacancies for a Deputy Chair, Road Ladies' Captain, Auditor, and some Committee places are vacant - contact Jane Bryant or Paul Stephens if you can help. See the committee page.
parkrun coming to Ilkley was discussed, as was the perennial issue of Tuesday nights.

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, September

Harry Maslen U20 Yorkshire Combined Events Decathlon Champion and Yorkshire record Other nominations were:
Norman Bush: 1st V70 in English Fell Champs
Alison Weston: LDMT
Jack Wood: 1st at Ilkley Incline
Dan Wilkinson: 3rd at Embsay and Salford 10k time
Jonathon Whittaker: 1st medium LDMT
Adela Reperecki: 1st V50 Yorkshireman Full
Nick Richardson: 2nd V40 Yorkshireman Half
Gaenor and Steve Coy: Ilkley Aquathlon organisers
Geoff Howard Ilkley Incline organiser (10 years)

More Harriers of the Month ...

Withins Skyline, Sun 12 Oct

Graham Weston's photos

Woodentops photos

(1  41:05 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
3   45:01 Jack Wood
31  51:37 Richard Joel
50  53:43 Duncan Cooper
84  56:11 Kate Archer
96  57:09 Jann Smith
99  57:14 Ben Joynson
130 59:18 Alison Weston
141 59:54 David Chandler
160 62:25 Sarah Haines
174 64:10 Will Worboys
237 80:57 Jacqui Weston
251 91:09 Julie Elmes
255 finished

Lots of good junior results too, and more photos, all on

Yorkshire Marathon, Sun 12 Oct

Andrew Merrick reports ... An unusual start to a marathon - there aren't many you can sleep in your own bed the night before, one of a number of things to be recommended about the Yorkshire Marathon...
A hassle free drive to the park and ride service from Elvington airfield got me to the York University campus with plenty of faffing time to spare and a reasonable amount of indoor space in which to faff. The short bag drop-off queues weren't exactly mirrored by the loo queues but otherwise all was good giving me enough time to finally decide on my race plan.... I had taken a more relaxed approach to training than the London 6 day a week spreadsheet driven approach. In a weak moment I might confess to missing colouring in the numbers green when the planned run had been completed, but otherwise it was definitely a more enjoyable experience, not least because you get to train in decent weather for autumn marathons. After careful (?) consideration I decided to go with the more aggressive of my two plans (Jane B's counsel of "start slowly" being put to one side at this point) - it was a simple plan in honour of Mr Weston, which involved sticking with the sub 3 pacer for as long as I could... He duly disappeared into the fog at mile 15 leaving me in my own mental version. With the help of very good support from the good people of York, particularly around the two way sections, I managed to get home in a respectable time. Unfortunately despite the level of pre race faffing time, I hadn't really thought through the pinning of my number - quite important I realised when running in support of Martin House.... I did my best to acknowledge most of the shouts of "come on Martin" ...
A friendly and well organised race, particularly the start pens, with a relatively flat course - undulating I think would be the appropriate expression - with a challenging uphill section just before the finish ...... and a helpful large arch over the road proclaiming, when close enough to read it, that you were almost at the finish line.... the actual finish being several hundred yards of pain further on. I couldn't comment on the scenery - it stayed foggy for most of the route.
There were a number of options back at the campus for the compulsory post race beer, before the bus back to the airfield and a rather sunnier drive home.
A marathon experience to be recommended.

(2   2:11:08 Bret Crosley, U/A))
141  3:06:44 Andrew Merrick
1530 3:57:22 Charlotte Smithson
3677 finished

Great Eastern Half Marathon, Sun 12 Oct

From Hilda Coulsey... I found myself in Peterborough this weekend and entered this half. It was flat (obviously!) and I missed our hills (weirdly?).

(1st 1:03:36 Jonah Chesum)
1270 1:48:07 Hilda Coulsey 
3787 finished

Hilda's time beats the F60 half marathon Club record of 1:53:22 she set at the Great North Run last year.

Lakes in a Day ultra, Sat 11 Oct

Eddie Winslow reports ... Lakes in a Day ultra, 48+ miles and a lot of climb, including Blencathra and Helvellyn summits. This was its first running but I anticipate that it will become an annual event for those who are looking for a very tough 50 miler. The route runs North to South through the Lake District from Caldbeck to Cartmel via Ambleside. The big climbs were in the first half, which left tired legs for the undulating second half. I was running well and finished 29th in 13h33m. That's my slowest ever 50 miler by some margin which gives an indication of just how tough the course was.

Langdale Horseshoe fell race, Sat 11 Oct

From John Hayes ... a classic on the fell-racing calender, this year's race was surprisingly challenging. If you click on the FRA forum a common theme emerges from everyone - the rocks were incredibly slippery meaning there were lots of tumbles by runners. Unfortunately there were a few nasty injuries with two runners lifted off by helicopter but both are thankfully OK. The concerned response of those who stopped to help was admirable and illustrated all that is good about the sport. Anyway, amidst all the carnage I enjoyed my run especially in the thick mist on the tops where I managed to overtake quite a number of runners by the simple expedient of stopping, getting out my map and compass and taking a bearing. I also took my now customary "cowardly" route which avoids the (terrifying) Bad Step on Crinkle Crags. Whilst this cowardice left me unable to boast at the finish, on the up side I predict it gained me about 20+ places!

From Helen Waddington ... Some amazing times given the conditions! Results ...

(1  2:16:00 Rhys Findlay-Robinson)
13  2:29:23 David Wilby                             
49  2:43:53 Ben Sheppard                            
55  2:45:02 Dan Wilkinson                          
137 3:02:48 Will Buckton                            
169 3:11:43 John Hayes                              
303 3:50:47 Bob Hamilton                            
341 4:08:27 Helen Waddington                        
342 4:08:28 Dick Waddington                 
352 4:19:53 Paul Calderbank                 
353 4:19:58 Chantal Busby                           
375 ran

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 11 Oct

Over 700 young runners racing it out at Ghyll Royd School today, more on the junior pages

parkruns, Sat 11 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Harrogate Stray
(1  16:50 Michael McKillop, U/A)
120 24:49 Pete Shields
192 27:31 Julie Elmes
331 ran

(1  16:04 Ryan Riddell, Corstorphine AAC)
13  18:03 Mark Mon-Williams
17  18:12 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
83  20:27 Rebecca Mon-Williams
560 ran

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relays, Sun 5 Oct

From Alison Weston ... a great performance by both men's and ladies teams in this relay event from Patterdale. Shame the weather wasn't as good as it was in Ilkley but both teams coped really well in poor visibility. Fantastic to have young Georgia Malir in the ladies team for the first time this year running leg 1 with Sally Malir, then Jann Smith with Kate Archer over High Street (very difficult leg navigationally), Emma Barcley and myself on leg 3 setting off in mist at the bottom of Red Screes (at least we couldn't see how far it was to the top!) and finally Jane McCarthy running a great last leg with Sally Morley.
Alison Weston's photos
Results ...

(1 3:59:59 Borrowdale)

25 4:40:01 Ilkley
43:49   Rob Cunnigham & Iain Gibbons
1:20:57 Steve Turland & Mark-Mon Williams
1:16:59 Will Buckton &  Ben Joynson
1:18:16 Dan Wilkinson & Dave Wilby

31 4:52:22 Ambleside Ladies

37 5:11:30 Ilkley Ladies
48:58   Sally Malir & Georgia Malir
1:34:48 Jann Smith & Kate Archer 
1:11:36 Alison Weston & Emma Barclay
1:36:08 Sally Morley & Jane McCarthy 

70 teams finished

Horsforth 10K, Sun 5 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... this local 10K along road and canal tow path now in its 30th year had a 3pm start this time and the t-shirts came with the slogan 'now with added lie-in'. Only 4 Harriers there, possibly due to plenty of other races to choose from this weekend. Pleasantly sunny and dry, the afternoon start did result in rather hot conditions to run in. I had run it several times before but had forgotten how uneven much of the tow path is. Having already suffered a stitch at the halfway mark I had to abandon hopes of a PB. Excuses excuses........
Results ...

(1  33:24 Philip Tedd, Woodhouse Grove School)
119 46:31 Phil Hirst
142 48:20 Chris Cunningham
219 54:21 Petra Bijsterveld
239 55:47 Fiona Schneider
335 finished

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Chester Metric Marathon, Sun 5 Oct

From Neil Bloor ... Alison and Neil Bloor ran the Chester Metric Marathon today (26.2k). The weather was mixed, started out freezing and ended up roasting, however the distance made a nice change and the race was very well organised and marshalled. We ran together, finishing in 2hrs 54 minutes, race winner was Duncan Clarke of Leeds in 1hr 44 mins.

To Ell and Back, Sun 5 Oct

From Clare Smith ... Adela Reperecki and I took part in this 20 mile event. Not classed as a race so no official placings or times but can be recommended as a great training event, with frequent checkpoints providing sustenance. Much of the route followed parts of the Calderdale Way, though I had some difficulty in interpreting the route description and added an extra mile to the total due to wandering! Fantastic weather for an October day too!

Saddleworth Edges, Sat 4 Oct

From Jack Wood... Crossed the Pennines on Saturday for a race that took us along the top of one of Saddleworth's steep sided valleys. Great scenery made more dramatic with dark clouds and mist. Underfoot it was wet and rocky like the paths on Ilkley Moor. One of the early marshals had a brainstorm and sent some people (including leading two) on a shorter route, but wouldn't have beaten them anyway. Dad survived the elements without waterproof trousers. Results ...

(1 60:02 Andy Fellet, U/A)
3  65:10 Jack Wood
86 finished

Manhattan Beach 10k, Los Angeles, Sat 4 Oct

From Jamie Hutchinson ... A beautiful morning in Manhattan beach and an early start at 730 to beat the heat. A great 'little' 10k with a bit of up and down and a great last mile or so along the beach and finishing near the pier. Still suffering with jet lag I finished in 39:51, 63rd overall and 5th in my age group. The race was won in 32:59 by David Cardona, 3309 ran/walked.

Jamie Hutchinson

parkruns, Sat 4 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Saturday was parkrun's 10th anniversary, having developed from 13 people running 5K around Bushy Park in London one morning to more than 50,000 people taking part in parkruns every week in the UK alone and half a million registered runners. I know parkrun is not a big feature for most Harriers, and of course the run is rather short and does not involve any fells! But give it a try if you have always wondered what it is about and never been, it is good fun for all the family and attracts runners of all speeds. Not being particularly fast I regularly get overtaken by men pushing prams around the course at high speed which always makes me smile.
Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:20 Hannah Oldroyd, Airedale Dodgers)
7   19:56 Tom Worboys
48  23:43 Will Worboys
327 40:45 Abbie Reynier (junior)
356 ran

Harrogate Stray 
(1  17:58 Jack Brennan, Harrogate Harriers)
154 26:28 Petra Bijsterveld
288 ran

(1  16:52 Daniel Jenkin, Durham City Harriers)
12  19:55 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
250 ran

Hilly Fields, Lewisham
(1  17:59 Laurie Pope, South London Harriers)
4   18:35 Alex Hirst
134 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:52 Alan Walsh, Wharfedale Harriers)
66  29:08 William Robson (junior)
95 ran

Rab Mountain Marathon, 27-28 Sep

From John Hayes ... Whilst I have done many mountain marathons before, this was the first time I had done the Rab MM. It was also the first event where I teamed up with my son Daniel (16). It turned out we had a great two days finishing 32nd overall in the short score which had 176 starters and 172 finishers. We also picked up the prize for 2nd parent & child which was very exciting (for me at least because I NEVER win prizes!). Score events are my favourite type of mountain marathon/orienteering event. With a carefully planned route, one can notch up a lot of points. We had a particularly good first day where no one else seemed to choose our route. On day 2 we lost some time wading across a huge bog but we still did ok and made sure we got back in time. The organisers were all really friendly and - oddly - even the landowners who complained when people accidentally crossed their land did so nicely or even apologetically! Hope to add this to my list of annual favourites. Results ...

YVAA XC Champs, Sun 28 Sep

Petra reports ... Lynn Donohue encouraged us to enter this vets race and the 10 Harriers who went were not disappointed. The sun shone and the mud was minimal, always a bonus in a XC event. The races were of a slightly unusual format, with all the ladies and the men over 70 only running 5K, and the men aged 35 to 69 running 10K, i.e. 2 or 4 laps of an undulating grass course in a local park. Friendly and well organized, my only small gripe was that the course was well short, 2.6 miles certainly does not make 5K. Having saved myself for a final dash I was confronted with the finish line rather sooner than I expected.
Results ...

Men 35-49
(1 28:35 Richard Harris, Rotherham)
26 33:30 Steve Turland
38 35:26 Mike Duffield
41 36:02 Arthur Reilly
50 finished

Men 50-69
(1 Simon Wright, Doncaster)
33 Malcolm Pickering
50 Phil Hirst
59 Dave Ibbotson
65 finished

W35+ and M70
(1 15:40 Helen Berry, Homfirth)
23 18:50 Beth Massey
48 21:08 Lynn Donohue
66 23:05 Petra Bijsterveld
71 23:40 Donna Hattersley
93 finished

Lancaster 5k, Sat 27 Sep

From Geoff Howard ... I've run many times at Saltaire but never before at Salt Ayre, Lancaster and Morecambe's AC's base, with its excellent clubhouse and track. They held a flat fast 5k (five runners under 16m) at the unusual time of 6.30pm. James Bowness (Trafford AC) was the winner in 15m 21. Some way behind, but pleased to dip under 20m for the first time this year, I managed 19m 57s, first v70, in 34th position out of 76.

This sets a V70 Club Record.

Thieveley Pike, Sat 27 Sep

From Steve Turland ... Perhaps not the best preparation for the YVAA XC the following day but a very enjoyable race over the Lancs border. 1300ft in just over 4 miles so a tough little race, with a full set of junior races too. Won by Simon Bailey, I finished in 11th place in 38 mins 30. Still awaiting full results but Chloe and Sarah Haines there too with Sarah picking up a prize. It felt a long way round the XC course today.

Causeway Coast half marathon, Sat 27 Sep

From Hilda Coulsey ... Billed as "One of the most scenic marathons in the world" and my childhood home I ran a wonderful half marathon on cliffs, beaches and rocks. It was challenging; up and down seemingly hundreds of inlets, hugging the coast/ cliff-line from Ballintoy to Portballantrae past the magnificent Giants Causway. An ultra (60k), marathon, half, 10k and 2 walks are all available and the scenery really is magnificent (thankfully the weather was kind).
Half: (Mark McKinstry 1:26:51), I was 160th in 2:17:45 out of the 379 who ran.

parkruns, Sat 27 Sep

From Petra ... A win for Alex Hirst at Hilly Fields in Lewisham this week! Results ...

(1  15:33 Tesfaledet Goitom, U/A)
23  17:47 Mark Mon-Williams
132 22:00 Rebecca Mon-Williams
605 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:15 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
10  19:41 Tom Worboys
53  22:26 Philip Hirst
408 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:33 Unknown, U/A)
122 24:37 Pete Shields
339 ran

Lewisham Hilly Fields
1   18:49 Alex Hirst
131 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:24 Lee Athersmith, Bingley Harriers)
5   19:35 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
10  20:43 Derek Oliver
110 ran

Super junior results

A super weekend of competition for some of our younger runners. Harry Maslen U20 finished 5th (out of 42) in the English Schools Combined Events decathlon today, beating the 6,000 points total again, and helping West Yorkshire to team Bronze; and Ruaridh Mon-Williams and Lucy Haines represented England on the fells both for the first time, in the 'Home Countries International Junior Mountain Running Championships' (phew!) in Ireland.

Ilkley Triathlon, Sun 21 Sep

From Hilda Coulsey ... Plenty of Harriers were out enjoying a super day from the Lido. Many thanks to all the marshals and volunteers, particularly the Coy family, who spent the long day welcoming, helping and supporting us all so well (as well as organising the previous day's Aquathlon!)
Results ...

(1    56:33 Team 3 men in a tub)
11  1:00:25 Ralph Tench 1st M45 
31  1:04:55 Jonathon Schneider 
35  1:05:46 Steve Newell 
60  1:08:53 Rachel McKay 2nd F30 
80  1:11:37 John Hayes
91  1:12:40 Michael Duffield 
168 1:19:17 Naomi Elliott 1st FJ 
226 1:25:35 Sarah Hayes 
234 1:26:39 Hilda Coulsey 1st F60 
261 1:31:31 Fiona Schneider 
328 finished

Embsay fell race, Sun 21 Sep

Congrats to Dan Wilkinson on his 3rd place, results soon ...

Viking 4 Peaks Chase, Sun 21 Sep

Jamie Hutchinson reports ... 8m 1500 ft climb organised by Cleveland mountain rescue starting from Lordstones cafe near Stokesley. An initial short climb and loop back through the event centre at Lordstones before heading north along the ridge taking in a few bumps before the turn and heading back through the woods and minimal up and down. Great race with bonus of on site cafe facilities!
The race was won by Paul Williams in 62:32. I finished in 66:05 and 7th, 72 ran.

Utterley Butterley fell race, Sun 21 Sep

Petra Bijsterveld reports ... I went to Marsden for this new race starting at Butterley Reservoir and taking in a further 4 reservoirs in just under 5 miles. Billed as a good introduction to fell running I was seduced by the photos of the route on their website, and the race certainly lived up to it. Well marked and taking us through beautiful landscapes. Thankfully it was dry as the stone flagged paths would not have been so trouble free in the rain. I would certainly recommend this race, assuming they put it on again.
Results ...

(1  30:10 Paul Green, Sale)
56 51:55 Petra Bijsterveld
68 finished

Ilkley Aquathlon, Sat 20 Sep

The 3rd Ilkley Aquathlon, jointly organised by us and Ilkley Swimming Club at Ilkley Lido was a great success with 171 competing on the day including many Ilkley juniors. Well done to Steve & Gaenor Coy co-ordinating.


Gt Langdale Half, Cumbria, Sat 20 Sep

Results ...

(1  1:18:58 Ross Anderson, Jarrow & Hebburn AC)
34  1:34:42 Caz Farrow	1st F40	 
72  1:47:23 Ewan Walsh 
138 1:59:57 Jean Sullivan
277 finished

Three Shires fell race, Sat 20 Sep

Jann Smith reports ... Results from Three shires Fell Race. 12.4 miles/ 4003ft. Starts from Little Langdale and summitted 4 x Lakeland peaks, Wetherlam, Swirl How, Pike O Blisco and Lingmell. Ilkey were 1st ladies' team.

55  2:26:12 Nick Pearce
89  2:40:22 Will Buckton
118 2:47:06 Kate Archer
121 2:47:43 Jann Smith
191 3:18:00 Chloe Haines
220 ran

Scafell Pike fell race, Sat 20 Sep

Steve Turland reports ... 4.5m and 3000ft, a real leg burner this one. I finished in 14th place in 78 mins. Joss Naylor was there giving out the prizes!

parkruns, Sat 20 Sep

From Petra ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:34 Nathan Marsh, Tonbridge AC)
33  20:12 Arthur Reilly
63  21:45 Tom Worboys
80  22:12 Will Worboys (PB)
396 ran

(1  16:35 Ben Jones, Worcester AC)
31  20:02 Geoffrey Howard
149 25:13 Pete Shields
303 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1 17:38 Quentin Lewis, Baildon Runners)
61 24:02 Sarah Haines
436 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:35 Mike Appleton, Ripon Runners)
162 27:11 Julie Elmes
294 ran

Hilly Field, Lewisham
(1  18:25 Jonathan Tipper, U/A)
7   20:21 Alex Hirst
134 ran

Skipton Aireville park
(1  18:02 Neil Maloney, Skipton AC)
2   20:21 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
99 ran

Burnsall, Sun 14 Sep

Results ...

(1 13:15 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
12 17:38 Steve Turland
22 18:31 Dick Waddington
70 finished

Yorkshireman, Sun 14 Sep

Helen Waddington reports ... Results ...

Yorkshireman Full	
(1  3h20:37 Shaun Wilkinson, KCAC)
58  4h38:49 Adela Reperecki 1st FV50
147 finishers

Yorkshireman Half
(1   1h36:55 Ben Mounsey             
4    1h46:42 Nick Richardson  (2nd V40)
92   2h25:50 John Coates             
123  2h35:11 Lynn Donohue           
128  2h38:10 Helen Waddington        
155  2h47:57 Hilda Coulsey (2nd FV60)
244 finishers

The Half was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

LDMT, Sun 14 Sep

Alison Weston reports ... Long day out for most of us at the weekend on the 60th Lake District Mountain Trial a one day orienteering event in Patterdale this year over a choice of 3 courses :- Classic (~16 miles, 7000ft), Medium (~12 miles, 5,000ft) or Short (well relatively -10 miles 3,500ft).
The Haines family turned out in force with Hector winning the long Classic route in 04.09hrs, over 30 mins ahead of the second runner, Peter and Chloe completing the Medium course and Sarah the short course (wait until Lucy is old enough to run too!!) Jonathon Whitaker easily won the Medium course and Helene ran the short course to test her knees on downhills (plenty of that!!).
I struggled with route choice a bit as there was a long way between some check points and all sorts of routes tried by different runners. For one leg some runners dropped down to Grisedale tarn and up onto Helvellyn ridge, others up Swirral Edge to the ridge or a direct way via red tarn. I opted for a steep climb up to join Striding Edge in the mist and then a long run along Helvellyn ridge. Who knows which was best? 'Dithering' certainly does NOT help though!
Results ...

1  4h14:04 Jonathan Whittaker 
11 4h53:10 Peter Haines
12 4h57:34 Alison Weston (3rd Lady)
22 5h23:15 Chloe Haine (9th Lady)
41 5h56:49 Richard Joel
64 finished

(1 4h15:22 Gareth Bryan-Jones, Ochil Hill Runners)
8  4h49:16 Helene Whitaker 2nd Lady, 1st LV40
16 5h09:53 Sarah Haines5th Lady, 1st LV50
36 finished

Hodder Valley Show fell race, Sat 13 Sep

From Dan Wilkinson... Duncan and I made the trip over to the Forest of Bowland for the last race in the English Champs. It looked like the 400 limit of runners had almost been met, which made the run out of the showground more of a stampede. The route packs 1,500 ft of climbing into just 4 miles, so was really tough. I managed to break the old course record by around 16 seconds, unfortunately so did the 51 men in front of me, so no points again. Results ...

(1  32:44 Morgan Donnelly, Borrowdale)
52  40:14 Dan Wilkinson
131 46:09 Duncan Cooper
202 finished

Rombalds Romp, Sat 13 Sep

Woodentops photos

Will Buckton reports ... Muddy conditions for Abbey Runners' trail v fell race. A well flagged and marshalled route with a free bottle of beer. Results ...

(1 47:51 Chris Miller, Harrogate)
11 54:47 Will Buckton
12 55:16 Nick Pearce 1st V60
33 62:07 Mike Baldwin
60 finished

(1 44:16 Frank Beresford, Otley)
12 61:59 Will Worboys
35 finished

parkruns, Sat 13 Sep

From Petra... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:37 David Driver, Barnsley AC)
166 24:42 Harry Stead (junior)
414 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:57 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
12  20:25 Tom Worboys
409 39:54 Abbie Reynier (junior)
444 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  16:07 Jamil Parapia, Otley AC)
39  21:13 Geoffrey Howard
148 25:45 Peter Shields
174 26:31 Julie Elmes
329 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  16:57 Gregan Clarkson, Kingston upon Hull AC)
3   20:29 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
64  28:17 Alex Millar
110 ran

Roseberry Topping, Wed 10 Sep

From Jack Wood ... Took a day off to cycle through the North York Moors to a short fell race up and down Roseberry Topping. Very steep and technical in places with a surprising amount of route choice. Well organised and lots of wine given out as prizes. Results ...

(1 11:11 Jack Willis, M'bro & Cleve H)
10 14:28 Jack Wood
78 finished

Vale of York Half Marathon, Sun 7 Sep

From Sally Malir ... the race must have been one of the nicest road races that I have ever done, helped along by a beautiful September morning. We started at Sherburn Air Club and ran along closed, scenic flat roads perfect!
I decided that I was going to force myself to try a new race strategy as anything under a marathon I tend to set off far too fast and suffer later on. The plan was to take the first three miles easy then work my way through the field from there on. This plan worked really well and I finished strongly and a minute ahead of my target time.
I finished 5th lady overall in a time of 1.27:18 which puts me 5th also in the UK for my age group!
I am now having a couple of weeks rest before starting marathon training.
Results ...

(1  1:09:27 Jason Cherriman, Leeds)
79  1:27:18 Sally Malir
82  1:28:05 Tom Worboys
287 1:40:07 Ewan Welsh
865 finished

Great North Run, Sun 7 Sep

(1    1:00:00 Mo Farah)
404   1:26:25 Rob Cunningham
5254  1:47:29 Kevin Lawson
5703  1:48:33 Christine Cox
6195  1:49:37 Andrew Wison
6664  1:50:37 Chris Cunnibgham
7909  1:53:09 Dave Ibbotson
8982  1:55:13 Charlotte Smithson
11396 1:59:07 Tim Ratcliffe
12954 2:01:38 Alison Ricci
15811 2:06:37 Robert Morse
19422 2:13:10 Sally Wright
30724 2:34:54 Carole Cunningham

Ben Nevis fell race, Sun 7 sep

From Dick Waddington ... three Harriers headed up to Fort William for the Ben Nevis Race at the weekend. The TV cameras were out for the BBC who were doing a documentary on one of the runners for Scottish TV. We were paraded around the start field by a pipe band - very atmospheric! You get a nice warm up on the flat for a mile before the fun begins - pleasant blocky paths, followed by a Whernside-like grassy bank, topped by scree and an eerie summit plateau. There was great support with jelly babies aplenty. The descent is a heart-in-the mouth, goes on forever, make it stop, are we there yet, surely we are by now experience until you hit the tarmac to realise you have a mile to go on legs that seem to be have been donated by someone who can't run. Fantastic fun (Helen might not agree with that bit)! Results...

(1  1:34:43 Finlay Wild, Lochaber)
147 2:11:03 Dick Waddington
191 2:17:26 Jane McCarthy
478 3:21:06 Helen Waddington
486 finished

Salford 10k, Sun 7 Sep

Dan Wilkinson reports ... closed roads and a good crowd at the end helped lift an otherwise dreary and uninspiring tour of industrial Salford. Back to the fells. Results...

(1 30:58 Mohammed Abu-Rezeq, Altrincham & D)
13 35:15 Dan Wilkinson
2735 finished

Bradley fell race, Sun 7 Sep

Woodentops photos

Woodentops photos. Results ...

(1 19:10 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
8  22:48 Mark Mon-Williams
22 25:46 Jonathan Schneider
32 27:21 Jann Smith 1st lady
72 39:56 Fiona Schneider
75 finished

parkruns, Sat 6 Sep

From Petra ... Again some excellent Harrier parkrun times this week, notably Sarah Pickering being the first female over the finish line at Bradford. Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:50 Christopher Mann, Hyde Park Harriers)
21  19:14 Tom Worboys
292 ran

(1  17:22 Richard Ginn, Pocklington Runners)
20  20:31 Geoffrey Howard
228 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:25 Chris Williams, Queensbury AC)
15  21:02 Malcolm Pickering
18  21:21 Sarah Pickering (junior) 1st F
22  21:19 James Pickering (junior)
117 26:38 Sally Pickering
218 30:29 Anna Pickering (junior)
367 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:01 David Driver, Barnsley AC)
131 26:47 Petra Bijsterveld
267 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  19:33 Logan Hargreaves-Madhas, Wharfedale Harriers)
4   20:34 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
43  26:40 John Brown
72  30:14 Claire Murphy
94 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:12 Toby Osman, Ripon Runners)
3   19:10 David Schneider
4   19:28 Jonathan Schneider
70  26:13 Fiona Schneider
162 ran

Ilkley Incline, Wed 3 Sep

68 runners competed in the super Ilkley Incline uphill race, organised for the 10th time by Geoff Howard. Ilkley's Jack Wood sprinted it out with top international mountain runner Emma Clayton to win in 7:47; Emma's 7:49 smashed the ladies' course record. Georgia Malir led in a string of talented young Ilkley Harriers to take the ladies' team prize to match Ilkley's men's team prize. And there were Ilkley prizewinners in many other categories. Results & photos on the Ilkley Incline page.

The Incline was preceded by the fast, furious, fun Junior Sprint Fell Relays which had a record 21 teams.

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Smiling Mike Baldwin, 1st V55
1   7:47 Jack Wood
3   8:08 Ben Stevens
7   8:33 Georgia Malir
9   8:37 Jonathan Schneider
15  8:54 Ben Sheppard
16  8:57 George Stevens
18  8:69 David Schneider
19  9:09 Tom Worboys
22  9:15 Lucy Jacques
24  9:26 Steven Weston
26  9:39 Lucy Haines
27  9:44 Sarah Pickering
28  9:53 Arthur Reilly
31  9:57 Malcolm Pickering
32 10:00 David Chandler
33 10:02 Richard Joel
35 10:21 Jane McCarthy
36 10:23 Will Worboys
39 10:44 Mike Baldwin
40 10:47 Lucy Williamson
48 11:01 Alison Weston
51 11:25 Chloe Haines
54 11:44 Philip Hirst
57 12:14 Peter Lewis
59 12:29 Geoffrey White
61 13:15 Hilda Coulsey
62 13:36 Petra Bijsterveld
64 13:53 Fiona Schneider
65 14:19 Jacqui Weston
66 15:04 Julie Elmes
68 finished

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