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Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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This page shows the results of races that Junior Ilkley Harriers have run in, most recent races first. (If we've missed any results, please let us know).

Ilkley Junior Trail races, Monday 27th May

Well Done to all the children running in the Junior Trail races at the Ilkley Lido and thank you to organisers Rachel Holder and Rachel Carter and the many other volunteers who made it all happen. Results can be found here.

Pendle Hill Junior fell race, Saturday 6th April

From Rachel Carter... It was good to see a good turn out across the age range at Pendle Fell Race on Sat - a counter in the Junior Ilkley Harrier's 2024/25 league. The races start in a muddy field in the village of Barley with the turn point of each race progressing further up Pendle. The ground across the farrmer's fields was extremely soft and muddy after all the ongoing rain, making the course challenging both before and after the main climb up and fast descent off Pendle Hill itself.
U9: Max Cashmore - 2nd,
U11: Michael Moore - 8th, Ethan Pickwoad 15th, Rose Weston - 21st (4th girl), Isobel Moore - 31st (8th girl)
U15: Robert Carter - 1st, Joseph Bentham - 8th,
U17: Ollie Holder - 3rd

Sam Bentham was 3rd, and George Whiitlestone 87th, in the senior race.

Bunny Run Fell Race # 1 (Tuesday 2nd April)

From David Holder... A decent turn out of Junior Harriers at the first Bunny Run over in Haworth. This traditional fell season curtain raiser had 209 runners from 12 years old to 75 plus. JIH Results: Alex Wolfenden 3rd overall 1st U17; Ollie Holder 11th overall 3rd U17; Oscar Shinn 14th overall, 4th U17; Robert Carter 17th overall 1st U15; Samuel Woods 61st overall 9th U15 boy.

In addition Samesh Chotai now running in the senior men’s category finished 4th and with Alex 3rd, Samesh 4th and Ollie 11th these three young Harrier runners led Ilkley to winning the team prize.

Centenary Rivington Pike Fell Race, Saturday 30th March

From David Holder... Ollie Holder was the only junior Harrier to make the trip over to Horwich on Easter Saturday to run the centenary Rivington Pike race finishing 7th U17.


Ilkley Moor Junior Fell Races, Ilkley Moor, Sunday 3rd March

From David Holder.. A great turnout of Juniors from Ilkley, lots of first time racers, and the area.

U9 Boys: Hugo Ridley Haigh and Max Cashmore
U9 Girls: Evie Wilby and Maisie Wilby
U11 Boys; Michael Moore, Ethan Pickwoad and Oliver Phillips
U11 Girls: Rose Weston and Isobel Moore
U13 Boys; Finnbar Kennedy
U13 Girls: Harriet Carter
U15 Boys: Robert Carter, James Lee, Joseph Bentham and Samuel Woods
U15 Girls: Jessica Rhea and Sophie Leijssen
U17 Boys: Ollie Holder and Oscar Shinn


Northern XC Championships, Sat 27th January,Sedgefield

Results from Nicola Budding....

U13 Boys (109 ran): 17th Robert Carter, 72nd Joseph Bentham

U15 Boys (110 ran): 64th Ollie Holder

U17 Boys (90 ran): 6th Archie Budding, 15th Sam Bentham, 60th Callum Dow, 70th Alexander Wolfenden


Yorkshire XC Championships, Sat 6th January 2024,Lightwater Valley, Ripon

Results from Nicola Budding....

U13 Girls (40 ran): 30th Heather Crolla

U13 Boys (33 ran): 12th Robert Carter

U15 Boys (51 ran): 24th James Lee

U17 Boys (38 ran): 4th Sam Bentham, 6th Archie Budding, 16th Samesh Chotai, 19th Alexander Wolfenden
**3rd Team**


2023 Final BAN Fell League Tables

From David Holder... Final 2023 BAN League tables - notable JIH placings for those who competed in 4 or more races:

U11 Boys 9th Michael Moore
U11 Girls 6th Harriet Carter
U13 Boys 2nd Robert Carter
U13 Girls 3rd Jess Rhea
U15 Boys 1st Ollie Holder
U15 Girls 2nd Esme Stoney
U17 Boys 2nd Alexander Wolfenden; 5th Oscar Shinn; 6th George Whittlestone

Well Done to everyone. There were lots of other Harriers who only did 1 or 2 races so maybe next year commit to doing a few more and see how well you can do.

West Yorkshire XC race 4, Oulton, Sunday 10th December

From David Holder...The heavy rain of the last week turned the Oulton site into a quagmire which made racing tough but fun. Some fantastic running on the day and amazing Harrier overall results.

U11 Boys: Ethan Pickwoad 14th

U13 Boys: Robert Carter 2nd and Joseph Bentham 16th

U15 Boys: Ollie Holder 5th

U17 Girls: Matilda Irvine 7th, Alice Cunningham 20th, Lizzie Reilly 21st. And an excellent 3rd team place.

U17 Boys: 2nd Sam Bentham, 5th Archie Budding, 6th Alex Wolfenden, 13th Oscar Shinn, 23rd George Whittlestone. And an excellent 1st team place.

Overall final league placings.

U11 Boys: 12th Sebastian Livesley, 22nd Ethan Pickwoad

U11 Girls; 18th Rosa Crolla

U13 Girls; 30th Heather Crolla

U13 Boys: 1st and overall Champion Robert Carter, 21st Joseph Bentham

U15 Boys: 7th Ollie Holder

U17 Girls: 14th Matilda Irvine, 17th Alice Cunningham, 21st Lizzie Reilly. 4th overall U17 girls team

U17 boys: 2nd Sam Bentham, 3rd Archie Buddiing, 8th Oscar Shinn, 9th Alex Wolfenden, 19th George Whittlestone. 1st overall u17 boys team

Amazing running.

ESSA XC Cup Final, Woodbridge School, Suffolk, Saturday 2nd December

From Nicola Budding..... It was the ESAA XC Cup Final yesterday at Woodbridge School, Suffolk. Although it’s not a club event, we did have quite a few Juniors running for their schools with some good results. Well done to everyone

Junior Boys (Years 7 / 8)
7th Robert Carter (IGS)
97 Isaac Brewis (IGS)
98 Jacob Robinson (IGS)
135 Sevan Chotai (Ermysted’s)
(160 Ran)

Intermediate Boys (Years 9 / 10)
87th Louis Sturman (Ermysted’s)
(148 Ran)

Senior Girls (Years 11 / 12 / 13)
2nd Beth Rogers (IGS)
8 Helena Coy (IGS)
92 Matilda Irvine (IGS)
114 Jemima Overend (IGS)
(134 Ran)

Senior Boys (Years 11 / 12 / 13)
10th Archie Budding (IGS)
38 Sam Bentham (Ermysted’s)
70 Oscar Shinn (IGS)
71 Alexander Wolfenden (IGS)
85 Dan Fazacherley (IGS)
100 Samesh Chotai (Ermysted’s)
153 Seth Toye (IGS)
(155 Ran)


West Yorkshire XC race 3, Middleton Park, Saturday 18th November

U17 Boys: Sam Bentham 1st, Archie Budding 3rd, Oscar Shinn 6th, Alexander Wolfenden 10th, George Whittlestone 26th. 1st Team

U17 Girls: Helena Coy 5th, Alice Cunningham 18th, Matilda Irvine 19th, Lizzie Reilly 25th. 4th Team

U15 Boys: Oliver Holder 7th.

U13 Boys: Robert Carter 2nd, Joseph Bentham 24th.

U13 Girls: Heather Crolla 24th, Jessica Rhea 38th, Isla Bailey 45th. 7th Team

U11 Girls: Rosa Crolla 19th.

U11 Boys: Seb Livesley 12th, Ethan Pickwoad 24th.


West Yorkshire XC race 2,Thornes Park, Sunday 29th October

U17 Boys: Archie Budding 3rd, Oscar Shinn 8th, Alexander Wolfenden 9th, George Whittlestone 20th. 2nd Team

U17 Girls: Helena Coy 6th, Alice Cunningham 20th, Sam Knowles 25th, Lizzie Reilly 28th. 3rd Team

U15 Boys: Oliver Holder 12th.

U13 Boys: Robert Carter 1st.

U13 Girls: Heather Crolla 39th.

U11 Girls: Rosa Crolla 13th.

U11 Boys: Seb Livesley 6th, Michael Moore 19, Alex Nossiter 31st. 4th Team


Shepherds Skyline, Todmorden, Saturday 4th November

From David Holder.....3 junior Harriers made the journey over to Todmorden to run the Skyline which was a BAN counter. A misty day and very muddy course greeted them.

U13 Girls Jess Rhea 3rd
U13 Boys Robert Carter 1st
U15 Boys Ollie Holder 1st

West Yorkshire XC race 1, Nunroyd Park, Sunday 8th October

Well done to everyone who ran - particularly those stepping up to this high level of competition for the first time. You were all amazing and an impressive 4 team places. Shirley

U17 Boys: Sam Bentham 2nd, Archie Budding 3rd, Oscar Shinn 7th, Alexander Wolfenden 13th. 1st Team

U17 Girls: Matilda Irvine 19th, Jemima Overend 22nd, Sam Knowles 29th. 4th Team

U13 Boys: Robert Carter 4th, Joseph Bentham 25th.

U13 Girls: Heather Crolla 27th, Jessica Rhea 29th, Isla Bailey 51st. 8th Team

U11 Girls: Rosa Crolla 23rd.

U11 Boys: Seb Livesley 13th, Michael Moore 21st, Ethan Pickwoad 25th, Louis Needham 35th, Alex Nossiter 42nd. 4th Team


West Yorkshire Track & Field League Round up 2023

23rd April (Cleckheaton)
U11: Rosa Crolla: 75m 14.6, 600m 2.31.46, shot (2kg) 3m.73. Evie Dyson: 600m, 2.19.30
U13: Heather Crolla: 70Hurdles, 17.32, 800m 3.04.55, Long Jump 3m.28
U17: Archie Budding: 3000m 9.06.27 (1st and WY league record)

10th May (Wakefield)
U11: Rosa Crolla: 75m 14.1, long jump 2m.44
U13: Heather Crolla: 80m 12.9, 150m 24.74, Discus 15m.80 (2nd place)
U17: Oscar Shinn: 1500m 4.44.7 (3rd place)

31st May (Cleckheaton)
U17: Archie Budding 1500m 4.16.72 Oscar Shinn 4.45.36 (1st and 2nd place)

12th July (Wakefield)
U11: Rosa Crolla: 600m 2.23.89, long jump 2m.44
U13: Heather Crolla: 150m 23.42, 800m 2.50.52, Long Jump 3m.74 (4th place)
U17: Oscar Shinn: 1500m 4.35.91 (2nd place)

10th September (WY T&F League Championships 2023)
U11: Rosa Crolla: 75m 14.8, 600m 2.27.21, slong jump 2m.62
U13: Heather Crolla: 80m 12.77, Discus (75g) 22m.23 (1st place and JIH club record)
U17: Archie Budding: 1500m 4.13.38 (1st place)

FRA Fell Running Championships, Clwydian, Sunday 9th July

From David Holder......Two Harriers made the long journey to North Wales to compete in round 5 of the FRA Championships over the toughest possible courses which surprised all competitors, on the 5.25k U15 course alone there was nearly 500 metres of elevation. Amazing performances by both.

U15’s Ollie Holder 4th boy and U17s Oscar Shinn 8th

Silsden Murder Mile, Thursday 6th July

From David Holder......On a lovely evening 9 Junior Harriers made the short journey over to Silsden to compete alongside seniors in the Wharfedale Harriers Murder Mile event (212 runners).

9th Alexander Wolfenden; 10th Oscar Shinn; 16th Ollie Holder; 19th & 1st U12 boy, Robert Carter; 36th George Whittlestone; 62nd Michael Moore; 79th Esme Stoney; 92nd Jessica Rhea; 128th Leyton Hudson

Kirkby in Furness Gala fell race, Sunday 25th June

From Rachel Carter...... Kirkby in Furness is a small village (I'd not heard of it before) in Southern Cumbria which hosts a great family gala including a fell race. Worth knowing for next year is that you can make a weekend of it by camping in the gala field as a BOFRA member.

U12: Robert Carter 2nd
U17: Oscar Shinn 1st, Alex Wolfenden 3rd.


Inter-Counties Fell Running Championships, Saturday 24th June

From David Holder...... Some amazing JIH performancea at the inter-counties fell Championship race today with 3 JIH running for Yorkshire..

U15 Boys, Ollie Holder 5th (2nd Yorks counter) helping Yorkshire to team gold.

U19 Girls, Beth Rogers 2nd ( 2nd Yorks counter).helping Yorkshire to team gold.

U19 Boys, Sam Bentham 1st helping Yorkshire to team gold.

Fantastic running in warm conditions on a tough course.


BOFRA results round up (1st to 18th June)

Thank you to Rachel Carter for the reports below (Killington, Kettlewell, Kildwick, Lowgill and Hawkswick)....
Killington Sports 1st June

Traditional sports meet where you pay your entry (£5 adults, £3 children and then take part in as few or as many events as you wish - tyre rolling, sack race, sprints, egg throwing, potato race fell race, mountain bike race and with traditional wrestling to watch) with prize money aplenty!
16year and under: 2nd Alex Wolfenden

11year and under: 1st Robert Carter; 5th girl Harriet Carter

Kettlewell BOFRA 4th June

A punishing steep up and down course involving scree - not for the feint hearted.
U17: 1st Sam Bentham; 6th Alexander Wolfenden; 7th Oliver Holder;17th Oscar Shinn; 23rd George Whittlestone

U14: 27th Joseph Bentham

U12: 2nd Robert Carter; 17th Michael Moore; 22nd (7th girl) Jessica Rhea

Kildwick 7th June
U11: 6th (1st girl) Harriet Carter
U13: 1st Robert Carter

Lowgill Sports BOFRA 10th June
Located in the Forest of Bowland, the Fell Race at this traditional sports meet came with an uphill finish and was more undulating trail and grass than the scree of Kettlewell!
U12: 1st Robert Carter

Hawkswick Dash BOFRA 18th June

You might never have been to this hamlet between Kilnsey and Kettlewell but it makes for a great location for a fell race with spectating from the car field for the older age groups descending off the fell top!

U17: 1st Sam Bentham; 4th Alex Wolfenden; 6th Oscar Shinn; 7th Oliver Holder; 21st George Whittlestone

U12: 1st Robert Carter; 18th Michael Moore

U9: 21st Isobel Moore


Ilkley Trail race, Monday 29th May

Report from David Holder.... A really good turnout of junior racers for the Ilkley Trail on Monday 29th May. In the sunshine 26 U9’s and 61 U11s and above raced. Of these 21 were Junior Harriers which is fantastic support. Too many to individually list here but full results are on the FRA website. Well done to all the runners. Top 3 placings included the following Harriers:

U11 boys 3rd Max Brett

U13 boys Winner Robert Carter

U13 girls Winner Jessica Rhea; 3rd Heidi Pearce

U15 boys Winner Ollie Holder; 3rd James Lee

U15 girls 3rd Esme Stoney

U17 Boys Winner Alex Wolfenden; 2nd Oscar Shinn

U17 Girls Winner Matilda Irvine

Coiners Fell race (and Yorkshire Championships), Monday 1st May

Report from David Holder.....A decent turnout of junior harriers at yesterdays Yorkshire Championships run in conjuntion with the Coiners Fell Race. Some great results on a tough steep and muddy course.

U9: Isobel Moore 1st girl (9th overall)

U11: Michael Moore 11th boy ( 12th overall)

U15: Ollie Holder 5th boy (4th Yorkshire), Joseph Bentham 13th boy (20th overall), Esme Stoney 9th girl (23rd)

U17: Oscar Shinn 7th, George Whittlestone 16th boy (24th overall)

U19: Sam Bentham 1st- Yorks Champion.


English Fell Champs race 1, Duddon Valley, Sunday 23rd April

Report from David Holder.....Four JIH braved the long trip up to Dudden Valley for the first FRA championship race and were greeted with the toughest Fell Race any of them had ever faced.

U15s: 5.2k with over 320m elevation, 59 Runners, Ollie Holder 6th.

U17s: 6.25k (450m), 54 Runners. Oscar Shinn 15th, Alexander Wolfenden 16th, George Whittlestone 42nd.

Well done to all.

Pendle Junior fell races, Saturday 1st April

Report from David Holder..... It was great to see a few "newer" faces in Ilkley vests at the first fell race of the season. The Pendle Hill race was both an Ilkley and BAN league race. Very muddy conditions underfoot meant tough racing.

U9s: 8th (3rd girl) Isobel Moore
U11s: 7th (6th boy) Michael Moore
U15s: 6th Ollie Holder; 22nd (7th girl) Esme Stoney
U17s: 22nd (14th boy) George Whittlestone

PECO XC League 2022/23 series round up.

Final Relays (Bramley Fall, Sunday 26th March)

Well done to the 2 teams who ran (41 teams in total).Thank you David for Results:

George Whittlestone, Ollie Holder and Archie Budding were the overall winners.

Megan Snow, Pippa Singleton and Sophie Leijssen were 33rd.

Individual event series

Well done to the 19 different runners who competed in this season's 5 race series. In particular to the three girls who competed in every race (Jessica Rhea, Megan Snow and Amelia Nichols) and to those who competed in 4 out of the five (Pippa Singleton, Ben Richardon, Archie Budding, Oli Holder and George Whittlestone)

Years 9-11

1st overall Archie Budding, winning all 4 of the races he competed in. An excellent result - well done; 10th Oli Holder (13th, 13th, 19th, 7th); 17th George Whittlestone (23rd, 21st, 16th, 19th); 38th Harry Leijssen (30th, 26th);

23rd overall Ava Naylor (17th, 16th, 14th); 32nd and 33rd Ella Snow (16th) and Lily Singleton (17th).

Years 7 & 8

24th overall James Lee (4th, 6th);

17th overall Amelia Nichols (24th, 18th, 26th, 19th, 19th); 52nd Emma Powell (22nd)

Years 5 & 6

6th overall Ben Richardson (6th, 3rd, 5th, 12th)

8th overall Jessica Rhea (10th, 5th, 6th, 12th, 9th); 17th Pippa Singleton (12th, 25th, 25th, 26th); 24th Megan Snow (29th, 23rd, 37th, 34th, 35th); 32nd Evie Dyson (16th, 21st, 26th); 33rd Sophie Leijssen (23rd, 21st, 26th); 47th Sophie Wilson (26th, 30th)

Years 2-4

42nd and 43rd overall Lottie Prior (13th) and Harriet Illingworth (22nd)


National XC Champs, Bolesworth Castle, Chester, Saturday 25th February

From David Holder...... 4 Junior Harriers made the long trip over to Bolesworth Castle south of Chester on Saturday to compete in the National Cross Country Championships.

On long undulating courses in blustery conditions all performed exceptionally against the best runners around.

U17 Women Beth Rogers 42nd out of 202 runners
U17 Men Archie Budding 89th out of 249 runners
U15 Boys Oscar Shinn 65th & Ollie Holder 194th out of 289 runners.

Emily Gibbins came 27th out of 128 runners in the Junior Women, u20, race
Ed Hobbs came 87th out of 167 runners in the Junior Mens, u20, race.


WY Schools XC, Leeds, Saturday 4th February 2023

From David Holder...... Some amazing running from Junior Harriers on Saturday saw a healthy contingent qualify for the various West Yorkshire XC team age groups at the National Finals in Nottingham on 18th March.

Year 7 boys: Robert Carter, Ethan Nicholson, Jacob Robinson; Year 7 Girls: Heather Crolla

Junior Boys: Ollie Holder, James Lee; Junior Girls: Esme Storey, Ava Naylor

Intermediate Boys: Archie Budding, Oscar Shinn, Alexander Wolfenden, Daniel Tomblin, Nick Ward, George Whittlestone; Intermediate Girls: Helena Coy, Matilda Irvine, Jemima Overend

Senior Boys: Ed Hobbs; Senior Girls: Emily Gibbins, Beth Rogers


Northern XC Champs, Witton Park, Burnley, Saturday 28th January 2023

Well done to the 6juniors who ran in the championships.

U17 Boys: Archie Budding 36th

U17 Girls: Beth Rogers 14th, Helena Coy 21st and Erin Doyle 62nd

U15 Boys: Oscar Shinn 36th and Oliver Holder 81st


Soreen Stanbury Splash, Sunday 15th January

Thank you David Holder..

" Five Junior Harriers braved the cold and mud to run the Stanbury Splash and great results to report" Well Done to all.

U11 Girls Harriet Carter 1st
U13 Boys Robert Carter 1st
U15 Boys Ollie Holder 2nd
U17 Boys Oscar Shinn 2nd, Alex Wolfenden 3rd

Yorkshire XC Champs, Lightwater Valley, Ripon, Saturday 7th January 2023

Well done to the 8 juniors who ran in the championships.

U17 Boys: Sam Bentham 6th and Samesh Chotai 19th (34 raced)

U17 Girls: Beth Rogers 7th, Helena Coy 8th and Erin Doyle 18th (23 raced). An excellent SILVER medal team performance - well done ladies.

U15 Boys: Oscar Shinn 18th (39 raced)

U13 Girls: Heather Crolla 41st (49 raced)

U13 Boys: James Lee 18th (43 raced)


West Yorkshire XC race 4, Rothwell, Sunday 11th December

Well done to the 10 juniors who ran and in particular the U11 girls who had a 2nd team placing on the day. Results:

U17 Boys: Archie Budding 6th; U17 Girls: Beth Rogers 4th.

U15 Boys: Oscar Shinn 4th; U15 Girls: Francesca Donnelly 45th, Ellie Ballard 46th. The U15 girls were the only team placing this season with 6th place - Well Done.

U13 Girls: Emma Powell 38th, Amelia Nichols 39th.

U11 Girls: Harriet Carter 4th, Jessica Rhea 14th, Neve Curtin 15th. 2nd Team on the day - an excellent result.


West Yorkshire XC race 3, Spenborough, Sunday 13th November

Well done to everyone who ran particularly the U15 girls and boys with team places. Shirley

U17 Boys: Archie Budding 7th

U17 Girls: Beth Rogers 6th, Erin Doyle 12th.

U15 Boys: Oscar Shinn 10th, Jake Norris 15th, George Whittlestone 32nd. 3rd Team (Amazing performance considering all 3 boys raced on the Saturday for IGS in the schools regional final)

U15 Girls: Ava Naylor 49th, Francesca Donnelly 50th, Ellie Ballard 51st. 6th Team

U13 Boys: Robert Carter 4th.

U13 Girls: Iris Smith 40th, Amelia Nichols 47th (Heather Crolla unfortunately fell and couldn't continue)

U11 Girls: Harriet Carter 4th, Jessica Rhea 12th,

West Yorkshire XC race 2, Thornes Park, Sunday 30th October

Well done to everyone who ran particularly the 3 girls age groups with team places. Shirley

U17 Boys: Archie Budding 8th

U17 Girls: Beth Rogers 4th, Lucia Stoney 19th, Erin Doyle 20th. 3rd Team

U15 Boys: Oscar Shinn 11th, George Whittlestone 33rd.

U15 Girls: Esme Stoney 32nd, Ava Naylor 50th, Ellie Ballard 52nd, Francesca Donnelly 54th, 7th Team

U13 Boys: Robert Carter 5th, Luke Wright 33rd.

U13 Girls: Heather Crolla 24th, Iris Smith 43rd, Emma Powell 47th, Amelia Nichols 49th. 7th Team

U11 Girls: Harriet Carter 5th, Jessica Rhea 11th,

Regional Schools XC final, Saturday 12th November

Thank you David Holder... Whilst not running in Ilkley vests five JIH ran in the regional final at GSAL on Saturday. Very fast racing over long undulating courses around GSAL. Great performances from all JIH runners. Results:

Intermediate Boys (Years 9/10): Oscar Shinn 7th (IGS), Jake Norris 8th (IGS), Ollie Holder 11th (Prince Henrys), George Whittlestone 58th (IGS)

Team Placing: Prince Henrys 2nd (Qualify for National Final) and Ilkley Grammar 4th

Senior Girls (Years 11-13): Emily Gibbins 2nd overall (BGS) and the school qualified in first place for the National Final

West Yorkshire XC race 1, Nunroyd Park, Saturday 8th October

Well done to everyone who ran - particularly those stepping up to this high level of competition for the first time. You were all amazing and an impressive 4 team places. Shirley

U17 Boys: Archie Budding 9th

U17 Girls: Beth Rogers 6th, Erin Doyle 18th, Lucia Stoney 19th. 2nd Team

U15 Boys: Oscar Shinn 6th, Jake Norris 8th, George Whittlestone 44th. 4th Team

U15 Girls: Esme Stoney 27th, Ava Naylor 52nd, Francesca Donnelly 57th, Ellie Ballard 58th. 11th Team

U13 Boys: Robert Carter 5th, Luke Wright 43rd.

U13 Girls: Jessica Rhea 40th, Heather Crolla 44th, Amelia Nichols 49th, Emma Powell 50th. 8th Team

U11 Girls: Neve Curtin 13th


BOFRA Wasdale fell race, Saturday 8th October

Thank you David Holder... Two Junior Harriers ran at the BOFRA Wasdale Fell race today on the challenging Kirk Fell course.

Sam Bentham 2nd u17
Ollie Holder 5th u14

Mini London Marathon Championship race, Sunday 2nd October

Thank you Nicola Budding... well done to Archie Budding (U17) selected to compete at the mini London Marathon for Yorkshire and Humberside. What an amazing experience - hope you enjoyed it.

National Schools Fell Championships, Saturday 1st October

Thank you David Holder...

Year 7 Boys: 1st and National Champion Robert Carter; 40th Joseph Bentham. Year 7 Girls: 19th Iris Smith

Year 8/9 Boys: 7th Jake Norris, 10th Ollie Holder, 39th James Lee

Years 10/11 Boys: 13th Sam Bentham, 45th Samesh Chotai, 51st Oscar Shinn, 77th George Whittlestone

Years 12/13 Boys: 2nd Ed Hobbs. Years 12/13 Girls:2nd Emily Gibbins, 5th Beth Rogers


Malham Gala Junior fell races, Saturday 27th August

Thank you Matt Snow... A deceptively hot and sticky day awaited the runners at Malham Show, together with a packed audience at the Main Show Ring where the races started and finished. Well done to the following Harriers for taking part:

U14’s - Ella Snow (7th)

U12’s - Sophie Leijssen (13th), Jessica Rhea (16th) and Megan Snow (19th)

West Yorkshire Track & Field League Round up

24th April
U13: Millie Porteous Long Jump 3m.20, 80m 12.92 and 800m 3.09.30; Iris Smith Long Jump 3m.22, 70m Hurdles 15.66 and 800m 3.10.36; Heather Crolla Long Jump 3m.13, 70m Hurdles 17.25 and 800m 3.08.47

11th May
U13: Millie Porteous 80m 12.74, 150m 24.47; Iris Smith 80m 13.02, 150m 24.42 and Discus 11m.21; Heather Crolla 80m 13.34, 150m 25.75 and Discus 9m.58
U17: Archie Budding 1500m 4.27.07.

1st June
U13: Heather Crolla 800m 3.02.72
U15: Oscar Shinn 1500m 4.46.70 (new club record)
U17: Archie Budding 1500m 4.26.65 (new club record); Dylan Shinn 100m 12.46

22nd June
U13: Millie Porteous 80m 12.79 and shot 4m.99; Iris Smith 80m 12.86 and shot 4m.59; Heather Crolla 80m 13.11 and shot 4m.28
U15: Oscar Shinn 800m 2.26.05
U17: Dylan Shinn 200m 25.74

24th July
U17: Archie Budding 3000m 9.31.12; Dylan Shinn 100m 13.10

11th September (WY T&F League Championships 2022)
U17: Archie Budding 1500m (1st) 4min. 27.6
U13: Heather Crolla Discus (2nd) 15m.46

Eshton Moor Junior fell races, Thursday 28th July

Thank you Matt Snow... A lovely evening for running for some Junior Harriers at the Eshton Moor Fell Race.
It’s a tough undulating course with everyone doing superbly well:
U12 - Harriett Carter (18th), Jessica Rhea (22nd) and Megan Snow (27th)
U14 - Oscar Shinn (3rd), Oliver Holder (7th) and Ella Snow (17th)
U17 - Archie Budding (2nd)

Cracoe Junior fell races, Sunday 17th July

Thank you Matt Snow.... Thankfully the predicted sun didn’t come out until after the junior races but it was still a warm day for the Cracoe fell races. Well done to everyone who took part.

U12 – Robert Carter (3rd), Harriett Carter (18th), Jessica Rhea (36th)

U14 – Oscar Shinn (4th), Oliver Holder (8th), Millie Porteous (32nd), Ella Snow (34th), Lily Singleton (35th)

U17 – Sam Bentham (1st)

Trawden Junior fell races, Sunday 26th June

Thank you Rachel Carter.... We travelled across the border to Trawden (only 30 mins away) in Lancashire on Sunday to their junior trail races - think dry cross country terrain rather than fell! U11 and U13 completed one lap of Trawden Rec before heading gently down a couple of fields, along a short track before running back up to the Rec for the finish with a goody bag awarded to all finishers! 49 in these age categories took part - predominantly from the surrounding Pendle and Burnley area.
1. Robert Carter 1st U13 boy,
13. Harriet Carter 1st U11 girl.

Hawkswick Dash, Sunday 19th June

Thank you David Holder.....Some great running at the tough Hawkswick Dash on Sunday, 7 Harriers ran.

U17’s (20 runners): 4th Sam Bentham; 9th Archie Budding

U14’s (37 runners): 12th Ollie Holder; 34th Lily Singleton; 35th Ella Snow

U12’s (57 runners): 46th Iris Smith; 48th Pippa Singleton


Lowgill Sports, Saturday 11th June

Thank you David Holder.....Some great results from the 4 Junior Harriers who made the trip over to Lowgill Sports on Saturday and braved the Windy conditions on a tough course:

U17’s (14 runners): 1st Sam Bentham

U14’s: (33 runners): 5th Oscar Shinn; 10th (9th boy) Ollie Holder

U12’s (44 runners): 28th (17th boy) Joseph Bentham


Kettlewell Fell races, Sunday 5th June

Thank you David Holder..... On a very cold day 9 junior Harriers ran really well at the steep and technical Kettlewell fell run yesterday:

U12’s (53 runners); 5th and 3rd Boy Robert Carter, 34th and 19th boy, Joseph Bentham, 36th and 17th girl Iris Smith, 48th and 26th girl Jessica Rhea, 49th and 27th girl, Megan Snow

U14s (35 runners); 9th and 8th boy Ollie Holder, 33rd and 15th girl, Millie Porteous

U17’s (19 runners); 1st Sam Bentham, 3rd Archie Budding

Ilkley Junior 'Jubilee' Trail races, Friday 3rd June

Thank you Dave Holder for results .. A nice race this morning. Results below.

Under 9s: 3rd Lottie Prior 1st girl, 7th Harriet Illingworth 2nd girl, 17th Ben Illingworth, 18th Arthur Watson,
21st Rufus Watson

Over 9s: 2nd Ollie Holder 2nd u15 boy, 3rd Robert Carter 1st u13 boy, 4th Benji Newton 3rd u15 boy, 6th James Lee 2nd u13 boy, 7th Ben Richardson 3rd u13 boy, 8th Harriet Carter 2nd u11 girl, 11th Dan Lee 4th u13 boy


Killington Sports, Thursday 2nd June

Thank you Rachel Carter.....

Our family travelled to Killington Sports Killington sports | Facebook.on Bank Holiday Thurs evening - (Between Kirby Lonsdale & Sedbergh) a traditional old English sports meeting of events and races for young and old - sack races, tyre racing, egg throwing, potato races, sprint races, mountain bike racing, wrestling and fell racing - everyone pays a nominal fee to enter the meeting then you can try your luck at as many events you fancy. Traditionally low key, with a great inclusive atmosphere and a lot of fun! Definitely recommend everyone experiences one of these events. See BOFRA Race Calendar – BOFRA calendar which includes some more of these events.

Robert Carter was 1st in the 11 years and under Fell Race. (64 entries)
Harriet Carter was 3rd female in the 11 years and under Fell Race, and 5th in the Potato Race!


FRA Champs, Guisborough, Saturday 21st May

Thank you Dave Holder for results .....

U15 boys, Oscar Shinn 11th
U17 boys Archie Budding 6th
U17 Girls Beth Rogers 5th


Great Whernside, Sunday 15th May

Thank you Dave Holder for results .....

Some great results from Great Whernside yesterday, larger than recent fields due to it being the Inter Counties Meeting. Near perfect running conditions on a tough there and back course. 10 Harriers ran:

U11’s (48 runners) Harriet Carter 2nd Girl

U13’s (77 runners) Robert Carter 4th Boy, Millie Porteous 27th Girl, Jessica Rhea 34th Girl

U15’s (91 runners) Oscar Shinn 12th Boy, Ollie Holder 27th Boy, Esme Stoney 28th Girl

U17’s (58 runners) Archie Budding 15th Boy, Beth Rodgers 17th Girl

U19’s (42 runners) Emily Gibbins 3rd Girl


Jack Bloor Fell Races, Tuesday 10th May

Thank you Rachel Carter for results .....

U19: Beth Rogers - 2nd (1st girl)

U15: Oscar Shinn 3rd

U13: Robert Carter 1st, James Lee 2nd, Ethan Nicholson 3rd, Ben Richardson 5th, Isaac Brewis 7th, Iris Smith 10th (4th girl), Jessica Rhea 12th (6th girl)

U11: Harriet Carter 2nd (1st girl)

Coiners Fell Race, Monday 2nd May

Thank you Dave Holder for results .....

4 Junior Harriers ran at the Coiners Fell Race on Monday 2nd May.

U13s Millie Porteous 16th and 7th girl; U15s Ollie Holder 7th and 6th boy; U17s Archie Budding 3rd and 2nd Boy;
U19s Emily Gibbins 2nd and 1st girl in a new course record.


BUNNY RUN FELL SERIES 2022, Penistone Hill, Haworth

Thank you Dave Holder for results .....

Bunny 3: 19th April (163 runners)

8th overall and 2nd U17 Boy Archie Budding; 39th Overall and 6th u15 Boy Ollie Holder; 55th overall and 7th u15 boy Benji Newton; 67th overall and 5th u17 girl Beth Rodgers

Bunny 2: 12th April (147 runners)

11th overall & 1st U17 boy Archie Budding; 22nd overall and 2nd u15 boy Oscar Shinn; 33rd overall and 4th u15 boy Ollie Holder; 55th overall and 4th u17 girl Beth Rodgers

Bunny 1: 5th April

(winner was Jack Cummings - one of our ex juniors - well done Jack)

7th overall Archie Budding (U17); 25th Oscar Shinn and 37th Nick Ward (both U15)


Pendle Hill fell race, Saturday 2nd April

Dave Holder reports ..... Ollie was the sole Ilkley Harrier Junior at the Pendle Hill Race finishing 13th boy in his first U15 Fell Race.


PECO XC Relays,Bramley Fall. Sun 13th March

Matt Snow reports.... Well done to the 6 Junior Harriers running in the end of season Peco relays at Bramley Fall..

A really good event and venue. No prizes but a lot of fun and healthy competition between the two Harriers’ teams which included Bea Ritson, Sophie Leijjsen, Pippa Singleton, Ella Snow, Harry Leijssen and Lily Singleton.


National XC Championships, Parliament Hill, London. Sat 26th February

Well Done Oscar Shinn (U15), 157th out of 412 runners.


PECO XC League race 5: Roundhey Park, Sun 20th February

One Mile Junior Race: 2nd Robert Carter; 24th Ben Richardson; 30th Sophie Leijssen; 34th Jessica Rhea; 56th Pippa Singleton; 65th Amelia Nichols; 68th Sophie Wilson; 72nd Megan Snow.

Two Mile Junior Race: 7th Jake Norris; 48th Millie Porteous; 57th Lily Singleton.


Northern XC Championships, Pontefract. Sat 29th January 2022

David Holder reports......

A good Harriers turnout in gale force conditions at Pontefract and some great results.

The standard of competition was amazing.

U13 Boys Jake Norris 28th, Ollie Holder 42nd, Seth Griffiths 70th, Ollie Pierce 118th. 8th BOYS TEAMS (Excellent - Well Done)

U15 Girls Helena Coy 55th.

U15 Boys Archie Budding 22nd, Alexander Wolfenden 39th, Oscar Shinn 72nd, Caleb Dix 91st. 7th BOYS TEAMS (Excellent - Well Done)

U17 Girls Emily Gibbins 18th, Lucia Stoney 53rd.


PECO XC League race 4: West Park, Sun 23rd January

Results from David Holder

One Mile Junior Race (134 runners): 3rd Robert Carter (3rd 5-6 boy); 59th Sophie Leijssen (22nd 5-6 Girl); 60th Beatrice Ritson (23rd 5-6 girl); 66th Pippa Singleton (25th 5-6 girl); 69th Jessica Rhea (26th 5-6 girl); 78th Amelia Nichols (28th 5-6 girl); 101st Megan Snow (34th 5-6 girl); 107th Sophie Wilson (37th 5-6 girl)

Two Mile Junior Race (107 runners): 1st Archie Budding (1st 9-11 boy); 6th Alexander Wolfenden (6th 9-11 boy); 10th Jake Norris (1st 7-8 boy); 21st Ollie Holder (8th 7-8 boy); 31st Seth Griffiths (12th 7-8 boy); 60th Millie Porteous (11th 7-8 girl); 75th Lily Singleton (18th 7-8 girl); 84th Grace Darlington (23rd 7-8 girl); 88th Ella Snow (25th 7-8 girl); 90th Sophie Parkin (27th 7-8 girl)


Senior British Indoor Heptathlon Championships, Sheffield, 8th-9th January.

Well done Harry Haslen on a Bronze medal performance (5399 points).

60m (5th) 7.27; long jump (2nd) 6m93; Shot (9th) 12m.93; High Jump (9th) 1m.88; 60mHurdles (1st) 8.31;

Pole Vault (1st) 4m.53; 1000m (6th) 2.46.13.


Stanbury Splash Junior races: Penistone Hill,Haworth, Sun 18th January

Thanks to Matt Snow for these excellent results - well done to everyone.

U9 Girls: Florence Lamb 1st; U11 Girls: Harriet Carter 1st; U13 Boys: Robert Carter 1st, Edward Lamb 3rd; U13 Girls: Sophie Leijssen 7th, Pippa Singleton 12th, Sophie Wilson 17th, Megan Snow 18th; U15 Boys: Alexander Wolfenden 2nd, Oscar Shinn 3rd; U15 Girls: Ella Snow 8th, Lily Singleton 9th; U17 Boys: Archie Budding 1st, Dylan Shinn 2nd.


Yorkshire XC Championships, Rotherham. Sat 8th January 2022

U13 Boys Jake Norris 6th and Oli Holder 12th.

U15 Girls Helena Coy 19th.

U15 Boys Sam Bentham 10th, Archie Budding 11th, Alexander Wolfenden 21st, Samesh Chotai 26th, Dylan Shinn 29th, Oscar Shinn 44th and Nick Ward 46th. 3rd and 7th BOYS TEAMS (Excellent - Well Done)

U17 Girls Emily Gibbins 5th.

Junior Women: Poppy Anderson 14th and Junior Men: Nathan Coy 8th.

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